She says she’s had close encounters with wild animals during her training.

Zhangjiakou: Cross-country skier Jessica Yeaton from Australia has taken greater risks on her journey to Beijing Olympics. She braved encounters with bears and moose during training in Alaskan forests.

Yeaton spent her childhood in warmer climates like Perth, Texas, and Dubai. She moved to Alaska when she was 12 years old and fell in love skiing and snow, even though it meant that she might run into big animals while training.

Yeaton said that two years ago, while out biking training with my boyfriend, we ran into two grizzly beavers. They both got up on their hind legs, grunted at us, and Yeaton mimicked a bear holding its paws high.

“I thought that that was it. (But) if I was in Alaska, I would tell that story. And they would be like, “Oh yeah, me too!”

Yeaton stated that she has also encountered moose while skiing in Alaska. However, it was not enough to cause her to consider moving.

“On my own”

She explained that she prefers to train in areas where I can do it myself and not be tangled up with other people.

“The training is excellent there, if your friends are around it’s okay, but just doing it yourself may not be OK, but it’s generally OK.”

The Aussie team will be outsiders at the Olympic competitions. Seve de Campo compared himself to a monkey swinging between vines when he is successful.

Phil Bellingham, de Campo’s fellow teammate, chose a less graceful answer to the question.

He smiled behind his mask, saying, “Probably not like the monkey swinging on vines for me, but more like a rhinoceros riding on a skateboard.”