Beautiful smiles for the whole family — German dental will make a gift to parents and children

summer is the perfect time to correct malocclusion in children, say doctors-orthodontists. During this period the children are free from school. On vacation easier to get used to useful design that is installed to align the teeth. To adapt the child will be even easier if the braces will start to wear and the parents. Specialists of the clinic of German stomatology RecomenDent have considered this point and has developed a number of lucrative offers for families who will return to the orthodontist in August.

— According to our observations, the treatment is more effective when we correct the bite, not only the child but also the parents. Example child sees mom, dad, and feels the support. For the company much easier and more fun to follow the rules while wearing braces. For example, brush your teeth after every meal, not to bite off pieces of solid foods, says dentist-orthodontist clinic RecomenDent Julia Alikaeva. — In orthodontics, the treatment is long-term. Here the child is constantly important to help adults. For moms and dads — this is a good occasion to correct his bite. Adulthood is not too late to set the braces and get a beautiful smile.