Another 07/01/20 “Beating Stalin”: as punish the student who hit the “great leader”

on 7 November 1927, the spectators of the parade dedicated to the anniversary of the revolution witnessed an unprecedented event — a public beating of Joseph Stalin. That day, the security chiefs and Stalin personally it was decided to strengthen the military academies. The head of the Academy. Frunze Robert Eideman selected three students – Vladimir Petenko, Arkady Geller and Jacob Okhotnikov.

Jacob Hunters to this point, the army was not a newcomer. He passed the Civil war, fought in Bessarabia, occupied command positions in the 45th division. The highest point of his career – the post of adjutant of the commander I. E. Yakir, one of the most famous commanders who fought on the side of the Reds. Beliefs of Hunters was a Trotskyist. His activities in opposition Yakov Hunters gave a lot of effort and even were it subjected the party to recover.

at the appointed time the students were late and the guard refused to let them. A scuffle ensued, during which they broke the gate and made his way to the podium. Jacob Hunters came to Stalin with the words “We have to protect come, and you?” hit him on the head. Only when the guard Stalin Ivan Uses got the weapon, the scandal failed to stop.

Military Academy. Frunze in those years was run by M. S. Marshal Tukhachevsky. All these people patronizing Okhotnikovo and promote it – Tukhachevsky, Yakir, Eideman – were obliged to take some action and punish his ward. But the power of Stalin was not yet such a comprehensive and unquestioning, as in the thirties. Those who stood directly over Ohotnikova, managed to pull the situation on the brakes. Hunters were not eliminated and continued his studies.

a Few years after the incident Okhotnikov career was quite normal. His field of expertise is designing. First he took the position of Deputy head of the State Institute for designing iron and steel plants, and after a while began to manage the same institution, focused on the establishment of aviation companies.

But in 1932, Hunters were expelled from the party, and a year later arrested on charges of counter-revolutionary Trotskyist group I. N. Smirnov, the former people’s Commissar of posts and telegraphs was charged with creation of clandestine Trotskyist organization. However, while Hunters did not receive the highest penalties compared with the 1937-1938 years, the times have not become so terrible and after his arrest was followed by exile in Magadan where he became head of the carpool.

Well, when came in 1937, among ex-Trotskyists arrested Hunters was one of the first. The testimony against him was given by the division commander D. Schmidt, a prominent figure of the Civil war, participant in the defense of Tsaritsyn, a well-known fact that at the time publicly threatened to Stalin to cut off the ears. On charges of plotting to kill Stalin and Voroshilov, the Hunters were shot. Rehabilitated in 1958, the Military Collegium of the USSR Supreme court.

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