The former soccer player Roland Wohlfarth is better known to people with an affinity for the Bundesliga. One could almost say that the striker has been forgotten. In the 1980s he was German champion five times and top scorer twice – at the great FC Bayern.

The interesting thing about Roland Wohlfarth was that he wasn’t particularly good at anything. He couldn’t shoot very hard, run very fast, and dribble very well. He had a good nose for goals, but otherwise he embodied more of the mediocre type of player. It was still enough for 119 goals in 254 games, also because an often overwhelmingly superior team put the balls in front of him ready to shoot.

Now Robert Lewandowski, current world footballer, is far from average. Lewandowski is particularly good at shooting, heading and dribbling. In his 252 games to date, he has scored an average of almost every goal for FC Bayern.

And yet: Despite these many goals, the really big moments of the club are not linked to the Polish international. If the tabloid media are right and the very lavishly paid Lewandowski leaves the club after the end of the next season (or possibly earlier), a successor should certainly be found who, out of the oppressive dominance, sticks his foot out here and there at the right moment . Hertha supporters will also point out that even a certain Sandro Wagner can show the remarkable rate of eight goals in 25 games at Bayern. And compared to Wagner, Wohlfarth was a football god.