History 18/01/20 “Barenfalle”: secrets of bunker Gitera in Smolensk

One of the main secrets of Smolensk is considered the legendary “East bet” Hitler “Barenfalle” (“Bear’s den”). According to historians, the Fuehrer visited Smolensk at least twice, in November 1941 and March 1943, the year. But is it true that for his commander in chief the Germans have built a whole underground city?

Concrete “mushrooms”

Since the war in the Red forest – area of Smolensk – remained somewhat mysterious objects that, according to local residents, can be part of a single system – underground bunker of Adolf Hitler. First, it is a concrete box, which is popularly called the “Hitler’s Bunker”. Presumably, this is either a fortification or the intake of the ventilation system. In favor of the second version says that an object has a “twin”, located at a distance of 4 kilometers. On the territory of the recreation center “Sputnik” are also remains of a concrete object with a pipe, which is called “Round”. And in the camp of “Start” is “Hut” — a cone-shaped structure of concrete.

“the bunker knew all Smolyan”

according to the writer Anatoly Tereshchenko, the German military construction company “Todt” started to build “the Bear den” in the autumn of 1941 year. To the work involved Russian and Polish prisoners of war, and, according to rumors, workers were shot at every stage of construction so as not to leave witnesses. In mid-August 1942, the bunker was ready for use. Since Hitler was not much need in Smolensk bet it was used by German intelligence “Saturn”. Maybe they go underground and generals of army group “Center”, the headquarters of which were located in the same locations. During the retreat of the Nazis did not blow up the bunker, but only concreted the entrances to it. According to another version, the Russian managed fighting to capture the object, and WMOsdy patched already by the NKVD.

“the bunker knew all Smolyan, from small to large, and from the beginning of construction, — said Tereshchenko. — After the war, any boy could easily find and show not only the massive concrete caps – the entrances to the bunker, but roughly determine the outer boundary of the underground facilities.”

the Expedition 1989

Actively talking about the mysterious object only in the era of glasnost.

“In April 1989 in Smolensk by one of the district Councils were organized by the group “Search”<...>. Divers caught in a flooded underground utilities, and found that the bunker has a complex system of mining, to neutralize which can only pump out of underground utilities water,” wrote Smolenski journalist Svetlana Savenok.

what I tell the witnesses, impressed. The alleged depth of the hopper has reached 27 meters. The main space “Barenfalle” occupied rate of the commander of group and communications center, dubbed the “Spiral staircase”. In addition, under the ground there was a meeting room for up to 250 people, premises, warehouses, dining rooms and even baths. Underground tunnels led to rail and road. Told even miniature submarine for navigation on the Dnieper.

the End of a legend?

New studies in the Red forest was undertaken in 2003 under the auspices of the administration of the Smolensk region. But the results were much more modest “reorganization” under the ground there were only a couple of water pipes, electrical equipment, and sewage treatment plants, built by the Germans. Nothing else, as assure the authorities, these places do not exist. They also refer to German archival evidence that the rate of the Fuhrer as such was not, and already constructed objects was in 1942 transferred to the army group “Center”. However, with the legend of the “underground city of Hitler” not ready to leave, even by many scientists. In their opinion, the disclosure of the information may prevent the security services.

“Probably, today about the militarycontinuing to use something built in those years. Therefore, the veil of secrecy from the red Bor is still not removed,” — says the candidate of philological Sciences Dmytro Buteau the article “the Great Patriotic war in the unofficial toponymy of Smolensk”.

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