A thunderstorm with heavy rain and strong winds caused damage in many parts of the south of France. In accordance with the local authorities, were definitely thousands of people will be in the region of Montpellier, in safety, to be placed, of which 38 aircraft. Well, plus several rail lines, including high-speed rail link between France and Spain, but in a broken state.

from Among the people who have been evacuated, there were at least five hundred of the campers. The weather, the past couple of hours, in the south of France, and for quite a lot of damage, and traffic problems. Especially in the area of the Mediterranean Sea, numerous streets are closed.

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Due to flooding of the tracks at the high-speed rail link between the south of France and Barcelona in spain may have been damaged, and there was no train traffic possible. Also, between the French cities of Montpellier and Toulouse and from there, at least until the 4th of november, no trains will the French railway company, SNCF.

According to the company, parts of the trail, between Agde and B├ęziers, as a result of the heavy rainfall washed out. However, alternatives to the trains. Passengers for a period of sixty days for their money to recover it at no additional cost.

There were no reports about injuries.