PSA Airlines hauled a joey for an unspecified’monster conservation attempt’

A baby kangaroo was seen hopping down a cottage aisle of a PSA Airlines flight.

Video captured by means of a PSA Airlines, Inc., flight attendant, Bobby Weston, has been shared into the AA Stews Instagram webpage — an account devoted to highlighting flight attendants from American Airlines, PSA’s parent firm.

The short clip reveals the little marsupial being directed down a largely empty cottage while a masked man strolled a tote to promote the kangaroo to accompany him.

“He will follow you. Just go right ahead and proceed,” a voice from behind the camera could be heard stating as the kangaroo makes his way down the aisle.

“You are able to go much further, see,” the voice added. “Keep moving. He wishes to jump.”

The fascinating video has drawn over 26,580 views and over 2,770 enjoys as of Tuesday afternoon.

AA Stews described the occasion as a”wildlife conservation campaign” that transferred the joey from North Carolina into Virginia, which a spokesperson for American Airlines verified to be authentic for Fox News.

Beginning Feb. 1, just service animals that do a job is going to be permitted on flights with handicapped passengers. Emotional support animals and pets will probably be permitted in cottages as a carry-on should they satisfy Department of Transportation needs, based on a American Airlines press launch . Transporting pets and animals at a plane cargo hold is just another available option.

It’s not immediately clear why the baby kangaroo has been permitted to board the cottage of their PSA Airlines flight, and if there’s an exclusion for wildlife conservation creatures versus psychological support pets and animals.