CANBERRA, Australia — A senior Australian policeman indicated on Thursday a telephone app be designed to record sexual consent in an attempt to boost conviction rates in sex offense cases.

New South Wales state Police Commissioner Mick Fuller said relationship programs have attracted couples together and also the exact same technology may also offer clarity on the issue of permission.

“Technology does not fix everything, but… it plays a huge part in people meeting right now. I am just suggesting: can it be part of this solution?” Fuller stated.

Fuller explained the amount of sexual attack s reported in Australia’s most populous country was growing while a prosecution success rate of just 2% coming from these reports revealed the system was failing.

“Consent can not be indicated,” Fuller wrote in News Corp. papers. “Consent has to be more active and continuing throughout a sexual experience.”

Replies to the approval program suggestion have been mostly skeptical or negative.

State Premier Gladys Berejiklian congratulated Fuller on”taking a leadership stance on getting the dialogue” regarding the sexual attack issue, but failed to discuss her view on the program.

Lesley-Anne Ey, a University of South Australia specialist on sexual behaviour between children, stated she did not believe the program would do the job.

“I really don’t think they are likely to disrupt the love to put details in an program,” Ey told Australian Broadcasting Corp..

Catharine Lumby, a Sydney University expert in ethics and responsibility, described the program as a quick-fix that misunderstood the conditions of sexual assaults.

“Basically what we’re currently having a reckoning with is that there’s a really small minority of men in this society that are opportunists, that make the choice to assault women,” Lumby explained.

They’ll choose the chance and I am sure they’re capable of using technologies,” Lumby explained.

Fuller stated his proposal could get popularity punctually.

“To be honest with you, the program idea may be the worst idea I’ve in 2021, but the truth is in five decades, maybe it will not be,” he explained. “If you consider dating 10 decades back, this idea of single individuals swiping right and left was a term we did not know.”

A permission program very similar to Fuller’s suggestion premiered in Denmark a month. However, the program has not been widely embraced, with over 5,000 downloads, based on cellular intellect website Sensor Tower.