(Wellington) A man was arrested at the Auckland Zoo in New Zealand on Wednesday for breaking into the African wildlife enclosure and bathing in the moat as rhinos and antelopes, we learned from the establishment.

Footage of the incident posted on social media shows the individual dressed in a simple undershirt doing a plank in the water, before washing his face and hair.

The enclosure is home to rhinos and nyalas, an antelope with arching horns.

“The rhinos and nyalas were understandably startled by the intruder,” a spokesperson for Auckland Zoo said.

The man remained in the water for several minutes before obeying the orders of the zoo keepers and returning to the visitor area. He was then handed over to the police.

Zoo director Kevin Buley said he was “very relieved” that no members of the public or animals were injured. “We hope that the accused man will receive the help and support that he clearly needs,” he added.