(Quebec) François Legault hinted in the middle of the Blue Room on Thursday that the president of the Quebec Employers Council, Karl Blackburn, would covet the leadership of the Quebec Liberal Party (PLQ). The latter denies it and accuses the Prime Minister of being partisan.

La Presse reported on Tuesday that relations have been strained between the government and the Conseil du patronat for several months. Among the caquists, we see the sudden multiplication of outings from this lobby against the government’s plans. Karl Blackburn is suspected of positioning himself to become leader of the PLQ. This former Liberal MP for Roberval and director general of the PLQ was the chief organizer of Jean Charest during a few elections.

During question period at the Blue Room, François Legault gave a layer. He openly attacked Karl Blackburn. Interim Liberal Leader Marc Tanguay accused the premier of failing to address “the labor shortage crisis” as the number of vacancies continues to rise. He quoted remarks by Véronique Proulx, of the Manufacturers and Exporters of Quebec, and Karl Blackburn, of the CPQ, who are disappointed with the Girard budget on this issue.

“The leader of the Liberal Party is telling us about Karl Blackburn…I don’t know if he’s going to run for the leadership of the Liberal Party,” the premier said.

Karl Blackburn gave his retort on social media, denying “the rumours”. “I will not be a candidate” for the leadership of the PLQ. “I’m not going anywhere,” he tweeted. “With labor shortages, inflation and the threat of recession, is my professional future really the government’s priority?” »

He added that his “bias is the employers and it will remain so.” “It’s the place of the economy that I care about, no matter the color of the government. We must put partisanship aside and work for the prosperity of Quebec. »