At the Moscow tournament MMA was a mass brawl, and stole the phone

Coach Noginsk club of martial arts “knight” Pavel Murtazin announced a massive scuffle that occurred during the MMA tournament in Moscow shopping center.

the Incident occurred on January 26 during the tournament “Colosseum”. According to Paul, the brawl was preceded by the unsportsmanlike conduct of teams, provocations, disputes with judges. In such an atmosphere the athletes was not easy to reach the cells, they shoved and pushed. In the seconds were flying bottle.

the fight was attended by both fighters, and numerous fans from Russia, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Armenia and Azerbaijan. Coach Noginsk club reported that in the scuffle his athletes cut his head, broke his nose and the brush, was also stolen the phone.

Also, Paul expressed his outrage and said that these riots committed by specific people who should be punished.

American reporter Jordan Breen, working in the database on the website providing information about the MMA fighters, complained to the edition of The Athletic on letters from Russia with threats update statistics fighting.

“Russia is a fucking banana Republic”, — said Jordan and said that once received a letter sent by the state Department, which said that if the site will not change the results of the battle, it will find and kill you.