showbiz What is happening out there in the Home? The 25th season has been less than ten days away, but the viewer has already been to a funeral (the Bill), birth (Leo), lock the (Frens), as well as wedding and divorce to look back on. So, Bob, Christine, decided on Thursday, after less than one day to be married, even to a fault.

from the first episode of the season, were Bob (Christopher Haddad and Christine (Daphne Paelinck) for the first time at the wedding. This was not because of Bob, and the labor of Lebanon (New Prime), and the birth of his son, wanted to attend. Christine forgave him for that knock, and are committed to him, quickly, in order to obtain his consent to give. But Christine had already said that she’s His kid was expecting, and that turned out to be Thursday, is a lie. Doctor Jim called Bob, is that Christine is not pregnant and never have been. Not a surprise for the audience, but the response from Bob was to do that. When Christine started a cop came up there to talk to. Bob felt that the trust is irrevocable and made his wife categoriek to know: “I don’t see it anymore. Not any more. It’s over, Christine. After that, the newly married bride of less than a single day should go. Perhaps, to the loud applause of many people’s living rooms. Bye Bye, Christine!
the Record

Separated after less than a day. This is a very fast, but it was the record of the shortest distance ‘Home’-marriage is the name of the doctor and Jim (Her De Ruysscher) and lawyer Tom (A. Cc), which lasted for about two hours. In november, 2017, in the gifts of these two tie the knot, but during the course of the wedding day the bomb dropped. His sister, Ann, Monika Van lierde, had previously discovered that Tom was having an affair with his colleague, Claire (Kadèr Gürbüz). It was a glass of drink too much, and there was violence was because of her young friend, Jessica, to marry early, and slipped her a secret out of it. With a great a lot of drama, shouting, and noise as a result.