At up to 160 kilometers per hour, a speeder drove away from the police on the Berlin city highway 100 – twice as fast as allowed. Two plainclothes police officers who noticed him initially had to stop the pursuit late Saturday evening. Because of the high traffic density and the light conditions, it was too dangerous to maintain the high speed, the police said on Sunday.

Before the Sachsendamm exit, the officers then discovered the car again. The speeder just braked hard and overtook a car ahead on the right, as it was said.

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He then had to brake hard again to avoid colliding with vehicles in the middle lane. The police asked for help.

At Dreieck Funkturm, a police car sat in front of the speeder and guided him to the Kaiserdamm exit. The 22-year-old was checked there.

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He had to give up his driver’s license and the car was confiscated. He is now accused of a prohibited motor vehicle race.