Assistant to the Paralympic Astashova said that he got a courier from a lack of money

Assistant Paralympian Michael Astashova Ivan Alypov denied the information that the athlete has a job as a courier to save money for participating in the qualifying competitions of the Paralympics in 2020. This information is representative of the athlete called “fantasies of journalists.”

“it was his personal desire is to try to get a job. Then someone shot on a mobile phone. Then the journalists rocked the story that he needed money”, – quotes RIA Novosti assistant athletic Alipov.

the interlocutor of the Agency noted that the issue with the necessary amount has been decided even before the Astashov got a job as a courier. To find the money helped the Olympic champion on biathlon, the Deputy of the state Duma Anton Shipulin. The Deputy in November reported that the Paralympian spoke to him. According to Alipova, they and Astashova came to the MP for the reception and “outlined the problem.

“the Issue was resolved just a few days,” – said Alipov.

February 3, in social networks and media published footage of Astashov was captured on the streets of Yekaterinburg in overalls deliveryman of food. It was reported that the winner of the world Cup paratriathlon without arms and legs, went to work to collect 350 thousand rubles for the preparations for the Paralympic games, held in Tokyo in 2020.