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on 25 December 2019 in Severodvinsk hosted the launch of the newest nuclear submarine “Novosibirsk”. This should be the first submarine in the Navy of Russia, representing the project of the modernized submarines series “Ash-M”.

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the submarine K-572 “Novosibirsk”, which is the fourth generation of Russian nuclear submarines, was the third submarine of the project 885 “Ash”, was launched. 15 June 2010 had been launched the nuclear submarine K-560 “Severodvinsk”, 31 March 2017 – NS K-561 “Kazan”. Modernization of the “Yasen” began with “Kazan”, the first name of the project received the letter “M”. However, the “Novorossiysk”, as conceived by the military, will be the first submarine project 885 “Yasen-M”, transferred to the Navy. Information about what the modernized prototypes will differ from the “Severodvinsk” is not disclosed, we only know that the new submarine is 9 meters shorter than its predecessor.

Initially the plan was to build 30 submarines of this series, and subsequently came to the decision that at the shipyard “Sevmash” will be laid only eight nuclear submarines “Yasen-M”. They will all start to come into service of Russian Navy since the second half of 2020. The Russian defense Ministry expects that the grouping of these submarines will be the basis for the new strike force of the Russian submarine fleet.

“Ash” to replace several series of nuclear submarines, constructed in 1970-80-ies: it is the project 705(K) “Lira”, 971 “Pike-B” and 949A “Antey”. The first outlines of the nuclear submarines of the fourth generation received in 1977. The plan was the establishment of multi-purpose submarine, capable of solving the widest possible range of tasks. The designer of a new series of submarines made by the Leningrad design Bureau “malachite”, the chief designer was Vladimir Nikolaevich Palov, a renowned expert in the field of underwater shipbuilding.

Work on Ohrtam generation nuclear submarines were hard, with big breaks: first, the project was frozen in the 80s then in the 90s came Back to work only in 2004, but focusing on a much revised version. It was first published many technical solutions have so far not been used in domestic shipbuilding.

Universal submarine “Yasen-M” created exclusively from Russian components. The following parameters submarines: length is 130 m, maximum width 13 m, height – more than 9 m. Surface displacement of the vessel 8600 tons, underwater – 13 800 tons Power water nuclear reactor “OK-650V” – 190 MW. The submarine is capable of speeds up to 60 km/h and swim at depths of up to 600 metres. The number of crew of 90 people, duration of independent swimming – about 100 days.

the assurance of the developers, a nuclear reactor of new generation will significantly increase the reliability of the power system of the submarine. Its service life without recharging 25-30 years, which is comparable to the period of life of the submarine. Feature of the power plant that harness the primary coolant located in the reactor vessel is repeatedly reduces the probability of an accident and radiation exposure of the crew. Designed specifically for submarines of project 885 information management system monitoring the level of radiation will alert the crew in case of exceeding provisions.

On the nuclear submarines series “Ash-M” placed 8 torpedo tubes (series “Ash” 10) 553 mm caliber. Armed with modernized submarines are the latest cruise missiles “Caliber” (50 units) and “Onyx” (40), and in the future it is planned to equip the submarine hypersonic weapons – missiles 40 “Zircon”. In addition, the “Yasen-M” armed with a deep heat homing torpedoes (30), which is available on Board deep-sea min.

speaking about her brainchild, the General Director of the St. Petersburg naval Bureau of machine building “malachite” Vladimir Dorofeev ontotal that “this ship is universal, it allows you successfully deal with surface ships, with groups of surface ships, submarines, allows you to strike on shore facilities”.

an Important feature of the submarines series “Ash-M” is their low noise running. This is possibly the most low-noise submarines in the world. Its body is made of low steel (the requirements for such material related to the tightening of standards for security, reliability and sustainability) – in the bow, he seemed invested in the case of a special lightweight alloy. Thus, the designers force the flow of the boat and reduced its underwater noise. In addition, the case of “Ash” is imposed sumahama rubber, which prevents the enemy’s sonar to detect a fairly large underwater vessel.

Another trick used by Russian submarine – at low speeds only works propeller motor. Main power through the special coupling runs only at high speed. So the engineers got rid of the problem of noisy screw on small and medium-go.

“Ash” VS “VA”

Russian nuclear submarines series “Ash-M” in General, comparable to the American nuclear submarine of the fourth generation of the Virginia class SSN-774. It is therefore interesting to consider the advantages and disadvantages of domestic submarines in the background of the overseas competitor. First, as noted specialists, and the “Ash” clearly wins “American” in the parameter “price-quality”. According to preliminary estimates, the serial “Yasen-M” will cost the budget of 50 billion rubles ($1.6 billion), while Virginia is $2.8 billion.

“Ash-M” – a typical interceptor that is, developing speed 31 knots is able to overtake even the fastest destroyers, cruisers and aircraft carriers. The underwater speed of “Virginia” above – 34 knots, but it is more interested in not surface vessels – it is designed to combat submarines for coastal operations. Deep dive wins “Ash” with it 600 meters, “Virginia” falls short of this figure of 110 meters.

submarines “Ash” is much larger than its “U.S.” counterparts: almost 14,000 tons, underwater displacement vs 8000 tons, dimensions – 130 x 13 meters vs 115 x 10.5 meters. However, if the Russian submarine can accommodate up to 90 crew members, the U.S. – up to 134.

On hydroacoustics “Ash” there is reliable information. According to some reports, the Russian submarine mounted sonar system MGK-600Б “Irtysh-amphora-B-055”, on the other – in the nose of the submarine mounted antenna sonar system “Lira”. In any case, it is able to detect underwater enemy ship within a radius of 320 km of “Virginia” will notice the sub unless it is on 160 kilometers.

the American submarine is equipped with 14 high-precision cruise missiles “Tomahawk”, which already have shown their fighting qualities in many military conflicts involving the United States. Their main advantage – the ability to change the target directly in flight. In addition, armed with “Virginia” appear anti-ship missiles “Harpoon” with a high-explosive warhead, able to catch any target at a distance of 220 kilometers and a remote controlled torpedoes Mark 48, which is extremely difficult to evade.

the Main firepower “Ash” – 40 supersonic cruise missiles P-800 “Onyx”, among the advantages which – the-horizon firing range, full autonomy of combat use and stealth to enemy radar. According to the military statement, an upgraded Russian submarine is also able to apply advanced hypersonic missiles “Zircon” and the new supersonic missiles “Caliber” with a range of 4,500 kilometers. Experts believe that one gulp “Yasen-M” is able to put to the bottom of any carrier.

a High opinion of Russian nuclear submarines of the fourth generation in the United States. Popular American portal The National Interest so responded to the first voyage of the submarine “Novosibirsk”: “Russia has Christmas underarches for the U.S. Navy,” adding that “attack submarines an improved project Yasen – the deadliest ever built”.

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