As the Sverdlovsk region nearly seceded from Russia in 1993

History 07/01/20 As Sverdlovsk region nearly seceded from Russia in 1993

the Parade of sovereignties sanctioned by Boris Yeltsin, almost led to the formation of a new state – Ural Republic. The idea was shared and promoted not some marginal, and the head of the Sverdlovsk region Eduard Rossel, Ural and part of the elite.

the New ideology of the administrative division of Russia

In 2014, Eduard Rossel, in the status of the Senator explained why promoted the idea of the Ural Republic. It was not separatism, but an attempt to create an entity based on new principles, excluding the division on a national basis and on the basis of equality between the regions. The new education was conceived as a temporary, after political expediency was supposed to give up Republican status, says Rossel. But his moves say otherwise. In particular, October 30, 1993, the text of the Constitution of the Ural Republic on the first page publishes “the Regional newspaper” — the official organ of the government.

the Document was adopted at the session of the Sverdlovsk regional Council of people’s deputies of the twenty-first convocation on 27 October 1993. The Constitution entered on October 31. According to the Decree No1 Rossel became the head of the new Republic. The basis for the proclamation of the Ural Republic was the survey of residents of the Sverdlovsk region, during which “for” voted 83.4% of voters. The date of Declaration of the Ural Republic was July 1, 1993.

after Becoming the de facto head of the Republic, Rossel November 2, 1993 to participate in the meeting of the Council of Ministers of the Russian Federation, presided by Boris Yeltsin. Three days later, Rossel said that Yeltsin supported the project.

In response, on 9 November 1993, published the presidential Decree on the dissolution of the Sverdlovsk regional Council. The next day Yeltsin dismisses Eduard Rossel. In 2014, Rosell admitted that with Yeltsin the question of the Republic accordinghave ivalsa.

the Ural francs now of interest only to collectors

two years before the proclamation of the Ural Republic published “the Ural francs” – the means of payment issued by the group of individuals, the value was from 1 to 1000. Officially, the Issuer became LLP “Ural market”, which was directed by Anton Tanks. However, it was an official letter signed by then-Prime Minister Yegor Gaidar in support of the issuance of regional currency. The Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank agree – cash rubles are not enough and the local currency could help to solve the defaults and start the trade. “Ural franc” officially he named commodity settlement checks.

the author of the design of Sofiya Demidova has worked in the country, it was necessary to do the job quickly and efficiently. Demidova in 2011 reported that they had paid 2000 rubles. Print “the Ural francs” Perm printing factory “Goznak”. Being seriously protected, the quality of paper the Franks were not inferior to the then-ruble bills. In the design used portraits of historical figures and places associated with the history of the Urals.

Now the “Ural franc” of interest only to collectors – the coin or banknote collector, although the Yekaterinburg scientist, Professor of the Ural Federal University Dmitry Berg believes that the state would be useful to examine the experience of local money to implement “alternative payment methods” that can strengthen the financial system of Russia. Note that in modern Europe there are several local currencies that did not prevent the circulation of the Euro.

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