As the Soviet Union was planning to seize Western Europe in 1979

Another 30/12/19 RIA Novosti, A. ZUBROWKA the Soviet Union was planning to seize Western Europe in 1979

1979 was a busy time in military-political terms, the Islamic revolution in Iran, the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. It is known that in November of this year could start a nuclear conflict between the USSR and the USA. Panic arose due to a malfunction in the training computer program of the Pentagon, which for unknown reasons was given a real signal that from the Soviet Union to the United States, flying over 2,000 missiles.

In the same 1979, according to Western experts, there was a danger of full-scale war between the Soviet bloc and the NATO countries in Europe. In particular, it is reported by Kyle Mizokami living in San Francisco, author of articles on defense and national security. According to Mizokami, based on the plan of the Warsaw Treaty Organization (ATS) was based on the strategy of rapid maneuver of ground forces, able in a few days to neutralize all NATO bases in Europe.

for the First time about the plan of the ATS, codenamed “Seven days to the river Rhine” began in the early 1990s in the Russian press. In 2005, the Minister of defence of Poland Radoslav Sikorsky has brought to public attention the part of declassified Soviet documents. They reported that the plan is a quick attack on Western Europe became the basis for joint exercise of police countries on the territory of the GDR in 1979. It is known that such exercises were held annually until the fall of the Berlin wall.
However, Polish officials came to the conclusion that the exercise plan was just a cover for really preparing for a Soviet attack on NATO in Europe. According to them, not NATO countries had to start the first attack, namely the Soviet bloc. In Russia noted that such a statement was due to the desire of the new Polish government that came to power in 2005, to draw a clear dividing line between modernOh Poland and the Communist past of the country.

According to the legend included in the plan “Seven days to the river Rhine”, the Alliance causing a series of nuclear strikes on 25 sites located on Polish territory, including Warsaw and Gdansk port. This was to prevent the sending of Soviet reinforcement in Eastern Germany. It was assumed that the nuclear bomb actually completely destroy military and civilian infrastructure in Poland, the victims of treacherous attack will be over 2 million.

According to the scenario there is a strong radioactive contamination of the Polish lands, making impossible the communication between the Soviet Union and the forces of the police, concentrated in the GDR, Czechoslovakia and Hungary. Now carry out an offensive on the position of NATO must take into account the forces assembled on the other side of the zone of contamination. This, in the opinion of staff, sufficient to achieve advantage.
Immediately after a nuclear strike on Poland, the allies in the socialist camp had to answer a quick throw to the territory of West Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark and Belgium. The attack is conducted on a broad front from the positions located in East Germany, Czechoslovakia and Hungary.

In the North operates a combined-arms grouping of the police Department consisting of 18 divisions. Its task is the confrontation between the combined forces of the Alliance in Western Europe. For a decisive battle, you select the North German plain, which, according to the calculations of the Soviet command, represents the best opportunity for the destruction of the greater part of the NATO divisions.

On the southern flank of the offensive is the southern group of troops of the police Department consisting of 19 divisions with the support of the air assault. They oppose the 10 divisions of the North Atlantic Alliance. To the Rhine from here, less than 200 km And although difficult terrain prevents the advancement of the Soviet troops, with the help of the Marines they manage to overcome by fighting it within a week and capture bridges over the Rhine.
control of the Rhine, according to the plan exercises, was a necessary condition of preservation of rates of occurrence of suhautnah troops. Now nothing can stop the combined land and air forces police to liquidate the strongholds of NATO, including the headquarters in Brussels and to go to the English channel.

the Soviet Navy was tasked to cut off sea supply routes from North America to Europe. The next step was the destruction of the American carrier battle group with carrier-based aircraft, equipped with nuclear warheads, which could negate all the successes of the Eastern bloc on the continent.

a Special role in terms of “Seven days to the river Rhine” was given to the special forces. The task of the commandos was to prevent the use of medium-range missiles “Pershing-2” and cruise missiles “Tomahawk”, which the United States planned to place in Europe in 1979.

the End result of the operation was to be the elimination of not only military but also civilian authorities of Germany, Denmark, Belgium and the Netherlands. And the destruction of the ports of Hamburg, Amsterdam and Antwerp would have seriously hampered US and UK to shift additional forces and weapons.
interestingly, in the list of potential opponents of the plan “Seven days to the river Rhine” was not Italy, nor France, nor the UK. Obviously Italy after a crushing defeat in the Second world war did not pose a threat to the socialist bloc, France had not yet fully returned to NATO after the withdrawal from the Alliance during the presidency of Charles de Gaulle and Britain, with nuclear weapons simply did not want to disturb.
Not sit idly by and NATO officials. In response to teachings in the German Democratic Republic, which is driven by members of the police Department, they developed a set of measures in Europe to contain possible threats from the East. In particular, to compensate for the lack of armored vehicles they had intended to hold back the approaching Soviet tank columns with the help of neutron ammunition. In addition, in the 1980s the design was carried out of the pipeline along the border between the Western and vostothe manual of Germany, which was supposed to come with the liquid explosive.

it is Interesting that Soviet generals denied all allegations of the West in aggressive intentions, explaining that they had no reason to conquer Europe. Moreover, in December 1979 the Soviet Union deployed to Afghanistan 50-strong group of troops.

Military commentator of “Komsomolskaya Pravda” Viktor Baranets, who served while in the group of Soviet forces in Germany, said that there was not a single document, which would at least indirectly assumed that the first Soviet strike on NATO bases in Europe. But in case of attack NATO troops, according to Baranets, indeed, the Ministry of defense had a plan, according to which the Soviet group of forces in Eastern Europe without a single nuclear strike within days out to the English channel.

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