As the Soviet pilots-the traitors fought against the red Army

History 24/01/20 As the Soviet pilots-the traitors fought against the red Army

the First case of transition of the Soviet pilot on the side of Germany occurred on June 22, 1941 in the skies over Konigsberg. According to German researcher Joachim Hoffmann, only in 1943, the Germans flew 66 aircraft. Due to the limitations of archival data about the exact number of traitors during the war is difficult to call. The bulk of “Stalin’s falcons”, who served in the Luftwaffe, was recruited in the pow camps, Colonel Victor Maltsev.

the Eastern squadron

in the Fall of 1943 on the initiative of Colonel Holters, Director of item processing intelligence at the headquarters of the Luftwaffe, began the formation of the squadron of the Russian liberation army. Training camp was organised near the town of Moritzfelder. It housed 15 Russian pilots and 15 December 1943, one was organized for the “Eastern squadron” under the command of Tarnowski white emigres. From January 1944, the detachment was transferred to Dvinsk, where he participated in the bombing of the guerrillas.

For recruitment of personnel replied Colonel Viktor Ivanovich Maltsev, since 1918, served as a pilot in the red army. In March 1938, Maltsev was arrested as a party to the “fascist conspiracy”. In conclusion, it has been subjected to torture, pleaded not guilty and was acquitted. Become a staunch anti-Communist and with the beginning of the war sided with the Germans.

Colonel Maltsev went to camps, met with prisoners and officers tried to persuade them to switch to ROA. By the summer of 1944 under its control were divided into three groups of 28 pilots who were involved for the distillation of aircraft with German aircraft factories to frontline airfields. After a conversation with Maltsev on collaboration with the enemy did captain Semyon Bychkov and senior Lieutenant Bronislaw Antilevsky. Before becoming traitors, they were both awarded the title of hero Soviet Union.

Steers and Antilevsky ferried planes, and later was engaged in training pilots ROA flying German fighters. The traitors went to the camps where Soviet prisoners of war encouraged to join Vlasov and fight together against communism. Interviews with former Heroes of the Soviet Union was published in the newspaper ROA “Volunteer”.

1st regiment

In September 1944, with the approval of Goering began the formation of the 1st aviation regiment of the Committee for the liberation of the peoples of Russia. Maltsev was appointed commander of the ROA air force and attained the rank of major-General. Deputy chief of staff was the former commander of aviation of the 20th army of the red army, Colonel Vanyushin and operations division was commanded by major Mettle. According to researcher Hoffman in 1945, the entire aviation ROA was assigned 5,000 people.

the Historian Kirill Alexandrov, examining archival materials, considers that the subdivision is served 38 pilots aces. He commanded a regiment, the Colonel of the white Russians, Leonid bajdak, a squadron of ground attack was led by major Semyon Bychkov, and bombers captain Bronislaw Antilevsky. The unit was a reconnaissance squadron of captain Artemieva and transport squadron captain Tarnowski.

the First and the last battle

to make War pilots-the traitors did not. By the time the full formation of squadrons of Soviet troops thronged troops of the Wehrmacht and the Reich’s days were numbered. The only battle where the regiment fought against the red army, was the support of six bombers of the offensive the 1st division of ROA in the Soviet bridgehead Erlenhof.

the Bombing occurred on April 13, 1945, and April 27 in the area of Langdorf, the regiment surrendered to the Americans. In September 1945, 200 officers of the division were transferred to the Soviet side. Major Tarnowski like the old white Russian was able to avoid extradition and voluntarily decided to be with his friends until the end. After investigation and trial, they were shot or sentenced to long terms in the camps. In the hands of the NKVD were only the commander of the regiment bajdak and staff officers – Klimov and Elbow.

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