As the son of Kolchak fought against Hitler in the Second world

History 26/01/20 As the son of Kolchak fought against Hitler in the Second world

According to the books and films widely known story of romantic when Alexander Kolchak and the translator of Anna timireeva to have lived with him in Omsk. In the shadows is the fate of the legitimate family of an Admiral – his wife Sofia Fyodorovna and the only surviving son Rostislav. The father wanted to make Rostislav military, but Kolchak Jr. took up arms only once in life – at the outbreak of the Second World war.

Life in France

Despite the actual departure of Alexander Kolchak from the family of his son, he did not forget until the end of days. In the letters of Admiral advised tourists to “read military history and the deeds of great men” and learn from them.

“I know you care about Slavushka and from this side I am sure that you will do all that is necessary to bring him up to the time when I’ll be able to take care of it and try to make him a servant of our Motherland and the good soldier,” wrote Alexander to his wife in his last letter on 20 October 1919.

And immediately before the execution of Kolchak told the security officer Samuel Chudnovsky, he “blesses his son.” He promised to pass this on to the family “Supreme ruler”, but as noted by historian Peter Fleming, “nothing was done”.

At the time of the death of his father Rostislav Kolchak was nearly 10 years. Together with his mother he was in France. Family Kolchak went from Sevastopol in the spring of 1919 on a British ship. Via the Romanian port of Constanta in April, Sophia Fyodorovna with her son sailed to Marseille, and later she lived in Paris.

When it became known about the execution of Kolchak, his wife, fearing, apparently, for his life, settled with Rostislav in a town on the Spanish border. As found by the writer Lyudmila Abramenko-löble, here Kolchak Jr. studied at the Jesuit College “Immaculate conception”. Since 1923 the allowance, whiche paid to the widow of Admiral “Russian mission”, was reduced from 15 thousand to 300 francs. Family “Supreme ruler” lived much worse than other Russian immigrants, and sometimes Sophia federovna was nothing to pay the Baker in. Fortunately, she was helped by former colleagues and just ideological allies of her husband.

In 1927, Rostislav Kolchak returned to the French capital, where he graduated from High school diplomatic and commercial Sciences. Eyewitnesses said that he was outwardly very similar to the father – even had a similar pace and manner of holding a cigarette. But political passions Rostislav Alexandrovich was far. In 1931, he got a job in “the Bank of Algeria”. Son of Kolchak took to wife another beloemigrantov the younger generation — the daughter of Admiral Razvozov — Ekaterina. They were married in a Paris Church. Alexander Nevsky. In 1933, Catherine gave birth to a son, who was named after the great grandfather (grandfathers or both at once). Some time young lived in Algeria, but the climate there proved to be unsuitable for a child.

War and

After Hitler’s attack on Poland 29-year-old Rostislav Kolchak received a summons to the army of the French Republic. One of the photos in 1939 he was captured in the uniform of an officer.

the details of his service can be obtained from the essay “of Admiral Kolchak. His family and family”, written by Rostislav in 1959. The author noted that his family history was repeated many times a similar situation – captivity. The son of Kolchak told in the third person:

“Rostislav mobilized in the French army in 1939, was taken prisoner by the Germans with the remnants of the 103rd infantry regiment on 16 June 1940, after the fighting, which began on the Belgian border and ending at the Loire, in the defeat of French military forces and the capture of Paris”.

after Going through the Nazi camp, Rostislav Alexandrovich returned to his family. Only in 1947, the veteran was officially granted French citizenship. He lived in the city of Saint-Mandé in 7 kilometers from Paris. His mother SofiI Fyodorovna died in 1956 in Russian nursing home. Did not long survive her, and Rostislav – his health undermined the conditions of captivity. The son of an Admiral, died in 1965. Family members of Alexander Kolchak found the last rest of emigrant cemetery Sainte-geneviève-des-Bois.

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