As the academician Sakharov proposed to destroy the coast of the United States

Weapons 29/01/20 As academician Sakharov proposed to destroy the coast

a Famous scientist, humanist, human rights activist and Nobel peace prize laureate in 1975, academician Andrei Sakharov, as is known, was one of the developers of the Soviet hydrogen bomb. This man actively participated in the arms race that unfolded on the backdrop of the cold war between the USSR and the USA. And until such time as a talented physicist realized the danger of thermonuclear weapons and became a dissident, he personally invited the country’s leadership to destroy coastal cities in the United States, creating a huge tsunami.

the Inhuman project

a Renowned expert on the history of military vehicles, writer and publicist Alexander Shirokorad in his book “the Dissidents 1956-1990’s.” (Moscow, 2014) described the unprecedented cruelty project, which was initiated by Sakharov.

“a Giant wave with a height of more than 300 m came from the Atlantic and struck the new York, Philadelphia, Washington, Annapolis and other cities. The wave reached the rooftops and was higher than in the Thriller “the day after tomorrow” (The day after tomorrow). Another wave covered the West coast in the heart of Charleston. Two more waves struck the West coast in San Francisco and Los Angeles. Only one wave was enough to the Gulf coast washed away low-lying Houston, New Orleans, Pensacola and other cities” – as A. B. Shirokorad depicted the tragedy that was to befall the USA if the idea of Sakharov was implemented.

the fact that most of the major U.S. cities with a population of tens of millions of people located on the coast. This fact makes the strategic enemy vulnerable to attack from the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. The Soviet authorities planned to use this opportunity to put the Americans a crushing blow from which they long could not Oprahcurl, after all, caused by an underwater thermonuclear explosion of a giant tsunami literally destroyed entire coastal infrastructure of the United States along with people.

the Initiative of the scientist

Your project Andrei Sakharov in 1952, proposed by L. P. Beria, who oversaw all covert nuclear projects and the nuclear industry of the USSR. And development 30-year-old scientist has received approval at the top. Largely thanks to them, according to Shirokorad A. B., Sakharov became a member a year later in 1953.

the arms Race demanded that nuclear physicists increase the power charges. And here they are faced with a serious problem: the airplanes of those years because of the insufficiently high level of its technical parameters could not raise and quietly to deliver a huge nuclear bomb to its intended target – the American shore. Then Sakharov and suggested the use of submarines, which were to produce a 100-megaton torpedoes off the coast of the United States.

it is difficult to understand what motives moved to young scientists. Some biographers and historians believe that Andrei Dmitrievich was genuinely seen in all Americans enemies while under the influence of ideological propaganda; others point to the ambition of a talented physicist. But the writer and publicist Vladimir Stepanovich Gubarev in his book “for the Super superpower. The secrets of the creation of thermonuclear weapons” (Moscow, 2013) says, for example, that all matter in the violent confrontation between Soviet and American scientists in the mid-twentieth century, nobody wanted to concede in the arms race.

“War is the clouding of the mind, but because it produces monsters. Including in a very “bright minds”, but few are able to admit,” wrote V. Gubarev.

the Trump card in the cold war

To the credit of the leaders of the secret nuclear program of the USSR, they didn’t plan really to destroy all the coastal cities of the United States with a population of just wanted to buy another trump card in the strategic confrontation.

the Torpedo with a 100-megaton thermonuclearand charges had to release several submarines from the American coast at a distance not to be detected by radar by the U.S. Navy. It was assumed that the Soviet superiority will fall on the ground near the largest cities in America, effectively becoming landmines. But only in case of critical need – and during the cold war, the Soviet Union really was preparing for a nuclear attack by the ideological enemy – the fuses of the torpedoes from the nearest Navy ship there will be a special sonar signal causing detonation of the charges.

the Resolution of Council of Ministers of the USSR “On the design and construction of the object № 627” was signed by Stalin on 9 September 1952. Specified in this document “object № 627” was a nuclear submarine that was supposed to deliver to US shores Soviet superiority.

it is Remarkable how secret was the project, because the team of scientists and engineers led the work on it in secret even from the leaders of the Soviet Navy – the alleged perpetrators of the run.

in June 1954, wrote in his book A. B. Shirokorad, the construction of the first nuclear submarine has begun at a secret factory No. 402, located in Severodvinsk (then the town of Molotovsk). Torpedo tube the calibre of which was 1550 mm, was designed and made separately. Subsequently he has long kept secret on the enterprise, and not waiting for installation.

“the Boat could carry only one 1550 mm supercored T-15 and two torpedoes for self-defense. But supercached had to carry a thermonuclear warhead up to 100 megatons. The warhead of the torpedo weighed 4 tons and had a length up to 8 m. Accordingly, all the torpedo weighed 40 tons and had a length of 24 m, i.e., occupied 22% of the length of the entire boat. The powerful battery provided the torpedo speed to 29 knots and a range of up to 40 km” – so in the book “the Dissidents 1956-1990’s.” describes some of the technical properties of the secret workings of Andrei Sakharov.

the Horror and the indignation of the sailors

the sailors first heard about the project only in July 1954, when work at the factory in Molotovsk was already in full swing. A group of representatives of the Navy, headed by rear Admiral Alexander Evstafievich Eagle was shocked by the idea of Andrei Sakharov, who proposed them, literally, to become the executioners of millions of civilians.

“But this time with the layout of the boat and her draft finally met submariners. And they were horrified! … And most importantly: specialists of the Main staff of the Navy quickly found that the world there is naval bases, by which to strike such a blow! After all, those ports in the days of peace are warships of a potential enemy in case of war are empty – the ships immediately released into the sea, and consequently, to launch a nuclear strike on such bases is meaningless,” – said V. S. Gubarev in the book “for the Super superpower. The secrets of the creation of thermonuclear weapons.”

It was just about the mass murder of civilians that deeply angered sailors. And they made all possible effort to the project of A. D. Sakharov was not implemented. To the case of connected hydrographers and oceanographers that the idea of multiple underwater explosions thermonuclear power of 100 megatons each is also much liked.

fortunately, the Soviet leadership had already changed, Stalin and Beria gone. The joint efforts of military experts and scientists are able to soberly assess the situation, managed to convince N. With. Khrushchev and other influential party figures in absolute futility murderous intent.

the Tsar bomb, Sakharov

However, Andrey Dmitriyevich did not cease to work hard in the field of the arms race. He took the obstacles created by the seamen, as the temporary difficulties and, together with colleagues focused on the creation of super.

at First, scientists were scheduled to hold a test of a thermonuclear charge capacity of 100 megatons at the site, located in the archipelago A New Earth. But then decided that such an explosion could lead to irreversible consequences in the ecosystem, and slightly slowed down. Anyway, as October 30, 1961 Novaya Zemlya was rocked by the most powerful in the history of the cold war, a man-made explosion. The power of the main thermonuclear charge was 50 megatons, and the accompanying bombs, which detonate, experts have counted as many as 58 megatons of TNT.

On a successful test of the Soviet hydrogen bomb N.With. Khrushchev solemnly informed the delegates of the XXII Congress of the CPSU, held in Moscow from 17 to 31 October 1961, caused a lot of jubilation among the party elite.

However, the 50-megaton Tsar bomb of Sakharov that in a secret document called “a Product 602” weighed 26 tons, and its diameter was 2 meters and length is 8 m. the dimensions of this huge machine did not fit in the bomb Bay of a military transport plane.

Subsequently among physicists spread ironic joke that the Tsar cannon never fired, the Tsar bell was not rung and the Tsar bomb also isn’t useful. Of course, luckily for all mankind, because its application is as monstrous as it is useless in military-strategic terms.

“I was ashamed and never again…”

Andrei recognized that his intent to destroy American cities in the result of an underwater thermonuclear explosions was inhuman. In his book “Memories” (Moscow, 1996), the scientist openly stated this.

the Academician did not stop work on equipment of the submarine 100-megaton torpedo until the end of 1961. After a successful test of a hydrogen bomb in the Novaya Zemlya archipelago Sakharov decided to discuss his previously rejected project with rear Admiral Pyotr Fomich Fomin, who in those years was the head of the 6th Department of the Navy and was in charge of a secret nuclear program in his Department.

However, in the book of the memoirs of Andrei Sakharov, the participant Civil and the great Patriotic war whywas named F. Fomin. Apparently, in the text crept unfortunate typo.

“After testing the “big” things I was worried about that for him there are no good carrier (bombers do not count, they are easy to shoot down) – ie, in a military sense we were working in vain. I decided that this carrier can be a large torpedo launched from a submarine,” said Sakharov.

But what was the reaction of P. F. Fomin on the proposal of the academic: “He was shocked by the “cannibalistic” character of the project and noticed in conversation with me that sailors used to fight with an armed enemy in open battle and as loathe the idea of such mass murder. I felt ashamed, and never with anybody did not discuss your project…”

Subsequently, the scientist realized the threat posed to the world with nuclear weapons, and realized that his idea for all its efficiency should not be implemented.

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