As Stalin did with his generals who escaped from captivity

History 14/01/20 As Stalin did with his generals who escaped from captivity

During the war captured by the Nazis got 78 generals of the red army, which in 1945 killed 26 people. Escaped from captivity six Soviet commanders. Two joined guerrilla forces and continued to fight. Four had crossed the front line and were checked by the NKVD on the circumstances of the captivity, and evidence of collaboration with the Germans.

Guerrillas from the General’s epaulets

According to the memoirs of Marshal Bagramyan in July 1941, only the 4th mechanized corps of major-General Sergei Ogurtsov fought boldly and actively. Thanks to the counterattack at Berdichev units of cucumbers for a week detained coming through Ukraine, Panzer group Kleist. In early August, Efron was wounded and in an unconscious state was taken prisoner by the Germans. In the spring of 1942 during the shipment to Germany of Cucumbers jumped out of the car, a month crossed the Soviet border and joined the partisan unit of Manjavidze Basil. Sergey Yakovlevich led a mobile cavalry group and, according to the Greeks, was killed in battle with the Nazis on 28 October 1942.

In July 1941, the 36th rifle corps major General Pavel Vasilyevich Sysoyev was surrounded and was nearly destroyed. According to Soviet military historian, Feodor Sverdlov, during the battle, warlord’s concussion mine. As a result of injuries he temporarily lost vision and during the interrogation he was pretending to be ordinary Paul’s a haystack. In August 1943 Sysoev in a group of five prisoners, blowing up the warehouse, escaped from the camp Groves in Poland.

Woods came to Belarus, where he was captured by guerrillas of the Ukrainian nationalists. In October 1943 with a group of agitated Ukrainians joined the intelligence unit of the Chernihiv-Volyn partisan connections. Until April 1944 Pavel actively partisans, but was summoned to Moscow and arrested. Major General has passed all the tests, in 1946, was acquitted and released from detention. Continued service as a teacher in the Academy of the General Staff.

Convicted and justified

In 1941 the General-major Nikolay Goltsev served as chief of armored troops of the 18th army compounds which resisted the Germans on the Soviet-Romanian border. 15 Aug during defensive fighting Goltsev was captured, but after 2 weeks ran to her. In October Nikolai Dmitrievich was arrested by the NKVD and charged with voluntary surrender. According to the investigation, the General is found guilty and on 23 February 1943 he was shot.

major-General James Bond Alexander commanded the 85th infantry division, which on the first day of the war near the city of Grodno attacked the advanced parts of the Wehrmacht. During fierce fighting and completely surrounded the unit was broken. If you try to break 21 July 1941, Bond was in captivity. Five days later major-General managed to escape from the column of Soviet prisoners of war and hide in the village Club. In mid-September Alexander came to his own, but on 21 October was again captured, from which he escaped the same night. In late December 1941 was in the Soviet rear, and until April 1942 was tested in the NKVD. According to the results of the investigation, major General Bond was acquitted and continued to serve in the ranks of the red army.

the Commander of the 51st infantry division, tsirulnikov Peter Gavrilovich, in October 1941, was captured. 11 Nov warlord escaped from camps near the city of Dnepropetrovsk and left to the positions of the red Army. On 18 February 1942, was arrested for criminal management division. During interrogations admitted that they gave the Germans proprietary information. 10 years in custody without a court order. In 1953, rehabilitated and restored in rank. Major General Alekseev Ivan was captured under Lubny, when sending to the camp near the town of CremaNug escaped, and in late October 1941, moved the frontline in the Kharkov region. Passed the test of the NKVD and for health reasons was dismissed from the red Army.

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