As Soviet propaganda distorted and invented the exploits of the red army

History 09/01/20 As Soviet propaganda distorted and invented the exploits of the red army

As said, the first Chancellor of Germany Otto von Bismarck: “do not lie so much as during war, after hunting and before the elections.”

If we discard the prowl, in the other two cases, the lie serves as a tool to achieve goals. As we know, are not judged, but the war is not a game, there are no rules, and all good.

as always, all the difference that lies is built correctly, so believe in it very many, and even after a lot of time. Is a lie incompetent, even when it is difficult to understand how it believed someone. Alas, incompetent lies much more.

the Myths began with myths

the very first example of what is now called myths about the war, can be considered myths of Ancient Greece. Of course, Greek mythology is just a rewriting of other earlier stories, but they are more widely known.

Mythological heroes: Hercules, etc., among other things, was won single-handedly defeating the entire hordes of enemies. Like, maybe, not all know, many such feats historians has been identified with real historical events, only the battles these were not the Hercules or one person and an army.

All the same we see in ancient epics. Always was an honor not just to defeat the enemy and win this battle when they were outnumbered. That and trying storytellers to figure out how hero beat hordes of the Khazars or Pechenegs, forgetting about the rest of the squad.

greatly exaggerated

most of the myths of the great Patriotic war, is an exact repetition of scenes with Hercules or Ilya Muromets: narrators just “slightly” exaggerated and embellished. Because for a large part of the myths served as the basis of real events.

for Example, during the battle of Moscow, used all the weapons and equipment, what could get. Including stored in the warehouses of the obsolete and decommissioned guns of the late nineteenth century. Used on the front and half a dozen “six-inch”, since ammunition for them modern are excellent, and the shells are powerful, 40-pound. Well, fired these guns. However, the effect was small, more noise than damage to the opponent.

But some journalists with a rich fantasy created on the basis of this whole incredible story about how the old “six-inch guns” fired on the German tanks, destroying them in large numbers, and almost saved Moscow. And this story, and similar replicated to this day. Despite the fact that anyone who served in the army man is clear: the situation described is completely impossible technically, couldn’t shoot at the tanks of such tools in General, not to mention the fact that tanks destroy.

Or at the beginning of the war was the case with some fighter by the name of Sereda. From the above documents that Sereda during the fight “jumped on the enemy tank and grabbed the barrel of the gun and drove up and down not allowing to shoot.” With all due respect to the premium instruments, it should be recognized that among them there are always credible stories. In this case, I want to ask the one who wrote it: he tried to grab the barrel of a firing gun?

what is more Important. Even this phrase was created a myth about the heroic chef to whom the kitchen crawled a German tank, and the one with the axe in his hands, not just knocked out a tank, but alone took all tankers captured.

the Story of planted planting method (ie without a parachute) landing turns into the incredible story of how Soviet fighters without a parachute jumped from airplanes in the snow. Eight German tanks, knocked out together infantry, artillery, tank crews, especially the engineers (most of the tanks were blown up by mines), become twenty-five, who destroyed in battle by a single Soviet tank.

there was very

it is one thing toGDSs politically are based on real events, heavily embellishing them. It’s quite another when a journalist sitting in the rear, comes up with incredible stories, for the “authenticity” using the names of real people.

unfortunately, in this category of myths of the great Patriotic war was the most famous and well-known history.

So in 1942, after a heavy defeat of the red Army near Kerch, journalist Maher Kohut received the order to write an article for lifting morale. He came up with a story about how in a battle near Duvankoy (now the village Verhnesadovoe) five sailors with the Commissioner by Filchenkova destroyed two dozen German tanks. The names he took from the award documents. Thoughts that in the course held a few months ago of the defense of Sevastopol, there was nothing like that day and in that place, and the Germans did not have tanks in the Crimea, then in General, the author is the head itself not scored. Said to write, he wrote. Hardly thinking that the article is front-line newspaper will go down in history.

Also a journalist Krivitsky in the fall of 1941 was only doing an editorial assignment. I had to write about how the red Army soldiers to successfully destroy the German tanks with the help of completely new then the weapons — anti-tank rifles.

Well he wrote, even assuming that article like it, it will be noticed and widely rastirazhirovan. And the effect of the article will be such that the participants invented the fight will assign the title of hero of the Soviet Union.

despite the fact that in most panfilovskoe division is about those days not very fond of remembering. Because no defense division that day, were never held, and was preparing to attack. But the Germans forestalled and defeated deployed in the source areas of part. And though the men are all known to 1075 th infantry regiment in three days of fighting, knocked out four German tanks, but their own losses were huge, the regiment was almost nothing left and had to retreat. And then the journalist with his story.

And there was another story about thirty three stalingradscal anti-tank Riflemen, where everything is very similar: the division was destroyed on the March, but then someone came up with absolutely incredible even in the description the story about the dozens of destroyed German tanks, which in that place at that time did not exist.

Alas, this list is very long.

Cyril Shishkin

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