As Soviet corporal Savely Dmitriev tried to kill Stalin

History 11/01/20 As Soviet corporal Savely Dmitriev tried to kill Stalin

the Incident, which occurred in November 1942 at Calvary red square, is still considered one of the most mysterious pages of Russian history. The fact that corporal Savely Dmitriev, who opened fire on a government vehicle is not too spread about the reasons for its action. However, some versions for this reason in today’s researchers still exist.

Shooting on Calvary

it All happened on 6 November 1942 at about three o’clock. It was at this time government car drove out of the Kremlin through the Spassky gate in the street Kuibyshev. According to Alexey Bogomolov, the author of the book “Leaders of the Soviet Union in the revelations of the companions, guards and indentured servants” suddenly in front of the car appeared a horse-drawn carriage. The driver had to go around the obstacle, whereby the vehicle approached the place of execution in red square, where at the time and was corporal of the 1st air defense regiment air defense Savely Dmitriev. A soldier fired three shots at the car. One of the bullets hit the windshield.

the Guards reacted quickly: from the second car jumped the NKVD Miloradov. To the scene arrived and several employees of the office of the Commandant of the Moscow Kremlin. However, Dmitriev, apparently, not going to give up: he continued to shoot even when an officer by the name Tsyba threw in his direction grenade. However, according to Sergey Romaniuk in his book “the Heart of Moscow. From the Kremlin to the White city”, after the second grenade corporal still had to go back down. Only during the investigation Savely Dmitriev learned that in a government car was Anastas Mikoyan.

the motives of the perpetrator

Savely Dmitriev was disappointed: not only that the car was not Stalin and Mikoyan, as still as a result of attempt nobody has suffered. Efratthe op wanted to destroy the leader, but, in his own words, he was arranged to someone smaller. The rest had not been so Frank. Even the motives of the soldier ended up outstanding. However, according to one version, referred to on the pages of his book, “Joseph Stalin – ruthless Creator,” the historian Boris Sokolov, Dmitry came from old believers ‘ families and simply wanted to take revenge on the authorities for repressed parents.

Although a well-known journalist Nikolai Zenkovich, author of “the Assassination and staging: from Lenin to Yeltsin”, claims that the investigation Savely Dmitriev allegedly said about his dissatisfaction with the course of the war. The corporal reported that the Soviet government all lied, saying that military action will go exclusively on German territory. But the enemy managed to even get close to Moscow. Therefore, Dmitriev and decided to arrange a so-called vigilante justice, and sentenced power to death for the deception of the people.

Long result

That’s just life had to pay very Savely Dmitriev. However, awaiting execution, he spent nearly 8 years. Such a long period of investigation in this case was caused by a number of oddities that accompanied the attempt. Take a cab with a load of hay blocked the way to the car, Mikoyan, because of which the driver had to deviate from the route. On a horse-drawn carriage mentioned in the publication “the State protection of Russia” and Evgeny Murov. In addition Dmitriev, posing as hour curfew patrol, freely stood in red square waiting for the victim for more than an hour.

For the reasons listed above Savely Dmitriev was suspected of participation in some large-scale conspiracy, planned counter-revolutionary organization. And due to the fact that at that time there was the Great Patriotic war, corporal could turn out to be an employee of the German intelligence service. However, neither one nor the other was not confirmed: Savely Dmitriev was an ordinary terrorist, a loner. According to Andrey Khoroshevskaya, author of the bookIGI “Mysteries of history. Secrets of the Soviet Empire”, the Military Collegium of the USSR Supreme court in 1950 and sentenced Dmitrieva to death. He was shot on 25 August of the same year.

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