As red hussars fought against the white Cossacks

History 01/02/20 As red hussars fought against the white Cossacks

In the first phase of the civil war, the Red army suffered from a shortage of professional riders. On the vast Russian expanses, the masses of revolutionary infantry was ineffective without cavalry squadrons, which was responsible for reconnaissance and flank coverage of the enemy. Relatively speaking, she was the eyes and hands of the army groups. For the formation of his own cavalry units of the Bolshevik leadership decided to use the captured soldiers of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

the Hungarians in the service of Russian revolution

in December 1917 in Saratov have formed a regiment of 300 Pro-Bolshevik Hungarian hussars. He commanded a part of the former Austrian Lieutenant, Sandor Kellner. Team members wore red breeches, blue cloaks and hussar cap. However, the most efficient unit became a hussar detachment of Sergeant Lajos Winerman. In Astrakhan red warlord formed the unit, which in addition to the Magyars, Germans, Slovaks, Chinese, Latvians. New cavalry unit was called the 1st Moscow international regiment.

After the Czech Legion took Samara and joined with the Cossacks Dutova, there is a real danger of the emergence in southern Russia of a powerful anti-revolutionary front. In the former Samara province under the control of the red left the territory of the Nikolaev and Novouzenskiy district. In this area, operated a detachment of Vasily Chapayev, who decided to strengthen the Hungarians.

the Magyars save his countrymen

22 Jun 1918 Hungarian riders of Sandor Kellner joined the 4th army of the red army, which stormed the district Krasnyi Kut — Novouzensk. The hussars were the most combat-ready part and put them in the center. 24 Jun Magyar hussars without orders attacked the white battery, and cut down with swords all subservient to the guns. After the victory, they learned that in novokuznecka the pow camp, which contained mnwow Hungarians, white started mass executions.

Revolutionary 4th army continued the assault, but the Hungarian hussars, not paying attention to the ongoing battle, rushed to save the countrymen. In the outskirts of Novouzensk, they scattered the white squad that night shot 160 prisoners, found among the dead 46 the Hungarians. After an unexpected RAID of the counter-revolutionaries withdrew from the city, and to the hussars was joined by a detachment of 300 cavalry, commanded Winerman.

the Battle for Aleksandrov gay

In August 1918, Astrakhan and Saratov international cavalry regiments combined into a separate group, which is tasked to attack the town Aleksandrov gay and support the right flank of the division Chapayev. The division was based in Novouzensk, and he commanded them to Lajos Winerman. On the morning of August 21, 3000 Cossacks of ataman Dutov suddenly attacked the city, which was only Hungarians and Novouzenskaya infantry regiment.

the Cossacks drove the Magyars from the suburbs to the city center, where the hussars set up a perimeter. The main battle took place over two houses, in which dwelt a squadron of Sandor Kellner. After the shooting, the Hungarians decided to counter-attack and a surprise saber attack knocked out the Dutov from the city. The Magyars of 15 kilometers drove the white cavalry from Novouzensk. The main purpose of the chase was the capture of the Cossack horses for the red cavalry.

surprise attack

the First half of September, a group Winerman repressed the kulaks of the Saratov and 21 September hussars, supported by several armored vehicles and a red infantry took Aleksandrov gay. After a week, white was fixed in the village of Berezovsky and began to prepare for retaliatory action. The Hungarians invited the Cossacks to exchange prisoners, but they refused. September 30, Winerman on two cars and one armored car were poisoned to save her. In the shock group included 16 fighters and a couple machine guns.

While the Cossacks dined, the Hungarians spread out and engaged the enemy machine gun cross-fire. White, not killed by bullets, drowned trying to cross riversfrom near the farm. To save captured countrymen did not, it appeared, the Cossacks killed them before the attack. According to the combat summary of the 4th army of the red army under the number # 1476 in the battle the Hungarians captured an American motorcycle Indian. According to the memoirs of cavalrymen Winerman moved across the field of battle solely on the scooter, taking the sword, the stock of grenades and a machine gun.

the Battle with the Cossacks of the Kyrgyz Talivka

on 7 October, red guards took Samara and began to move in the direction of Ufa and Sterlitamak. By this time in the group Winerman there were 500 infantry and 250 cavalry. Armed with squad number 15 machine guns. October 13 Hungarians came to the village of the Kyrgyz Talovka, in the area where you gathered the white part of Colonel Borodin: 700 infantry and 700 cavalry with 17 machine guns. White secretly watched the Hungarian column, and Borodin ordered hundred Cossacks to bombard the enemy. Hussars counterattacked and drove the Cossacks from the village. However, it was a trap.

Fascinated by the attack Winerman far away from the main forces and on the morning of October 14, Borodin was surrounded by Kyrgyz Talovka, in which slept the Hungarians. I ordered the infantry to shoot, the commander of the hussars lined up the cavalry for a flank bypass. At the same time Colonel Borodin was thrown into the attack of the 9th Cossack regiment. The villagers demolished the chain and gunmen in the centre of the village knocked with Hungarian horsemen.

In the wheelhouse cavalry hussar sabre of the Cossack checkers more effective and experienced in fencing, the Magyars drove the whites from the village. On the outskirts of the Hungarians collapsed lava Cossacks, armed with lances. Red began to shoot revolvers, but shrapnel fire of artillery drove them back to the village.

By noon, due to losses, white has departed, and Winerman with 15 riders decided to chase the enemy and was killed in a skirmish with the Cossacks. After the death of the commander of the Hungarians retreated. Following months of red hussars, which was renamed the International regiment name Winerman, fought in the division Vasily Chapaev and was considered the most efficient forrazdeleniem.

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