As Brezhnev's personal pilot saved the lives of his

Heroes 28/11/19 As Brezhnev’s personal pilot saved the lives of his “boss”

One day, Leonid Brezhnev went on a visit to Morocco. It was a working trip, no one expected the attack. But above the Mediterranean sea, the first aircraft of the USSR suddenly attacked the fighter of the French air force. Three times he went to the goal. Twice opened fire on the aircraft Brezhnev and crossed his course. Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR could not reach the destination country, but the Soviet pilots managed to survive with honor the test.

the Visit of the world

Il-18, which Brezhnev went to Morocco, was attacked on 9 February 1961. “The attack took place in the period from 14.23 at 14.30 GMT time in the airspace over the international waters of the Mediterranean sea about 130 kilometers to the North of Algeria” – aired Soviet Newspapers the statement of the Minister of foreign Affairs Alexander Gromyko.

the Route of our aircraft had been agreed with the French authorities. Also, the Soviet government officially stated that shortly before the arrival of the fighter’s crew radioed from Algiers airport (Algeria was still a French territory). Thus the French authorities knew exactly the location and course of the air force one.

at the helm of the Soviet aircraft was an experienced pilot Boris Bugaev. Passed the crucible of the great Patriotic war, flying thousands of hours, he was listed as the personal pilot of Brezhnev and enjoyed the high confidence. “We passed an urgent radiogram in English and French: “Military fighter jet doing circles around our aircraft “Ilyushin-18″ No. 75708 Aeroflot. Please withdraw the fighter.” Radio Algiers airport, through the x-ray twice said okay!” – remember that episode of Boris Bugaev.

However, an affirmative response dispatchers did not affect the behavior of the French fighter. Moreover, he made another sahod and fired several shots. Boris Bugaev, anticipating his actions and changed his trajectory in a matter of seconds prior to the attack. Realizing that the danger is too great, he tried to divert the plane with its valuable passengers as possible from hostile fighters. That, in turn, did not pursue the Soviet side and disappeared.

In the Soviet press exploded with outrage about the attack on the peace plane. The episode was called “bandit RAID” and “the aggression of the French military”. At the industrial enterprises of Moscow organized the rallies, which stigmatized the trick of foreign air forces and foreign diplomats, does not give the event adequate attention. The French foreign Ministry called the incident “regrettable” and promised to investigate, but the perpetrators were never presented to the public.

the Winged Minister of

Brezhnev praised the strong actions of its pilot. It is worth noting that this is the only case in history when a head of state attacked the country’s air force, not in a state of war. This episode helped the career of pilot Boris Bugaev make a new milestone. In 1966 he was awarded the title of Hero of Socialist labor and awarded the order of Lenin and gold medal “Hammer and Sickle”. From this moment, the personal pilot of the first person of the party is a great official. First as Deputy, and since 1970 as the Minister of civil aviation of the USSR Boris Bugaev develops energetic activity in their respective industry. When civil aviation is transformed from a reserve of the armed forces in a separate structure.

reconstruction of and construction of hundreds of new airfields, the infrastructure, appear design Bureau. By 1980 the Soviet civil aviation was carrying more people than any other in the world – more than 100 million passengers a year. More than 17 years Boris Bugaev stayed in this position, appointment to which he might have been obligated that episode when he saved the life of Leonid Brezhnev.

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