As a nurse Zinaida Mareseva saved 106 wounded soldiers

History 13/01/20 MO Ssric nurse Zinaida Mareseva saved 106 wounded soldiers

war Heroes – not only those who led the operation, or directly destroy the equipment and enemy soldiers. We should not forget those who save the lives of soldiers and officers, risking their. A native of the village of Cherkasy Zinaida Mareseva became a real guardian angel for dozens of Soviet soldiers, which she did more than help on the battlefield, but also pulled to the rear for yourself, under heavy artillery fire.

On the fiery fields of Stalingrad

the Beginning of the war the girl met an employee of the cement factory “Bolshevik” in the Saratov region. After completing the course the nurses, at the end of 1942, she volunteered to the front and went to Stalingrad. With the beginning of the offensive phase of the operation when on the right Bank of the Volga broke the stubborn fighting for every scrap of land, Zinaida took baptism. The result of its operations 68 lives saved. The bravery and the courage of the girl was awarded a medal “For military merit”.

On the Voronezh front

Liquidation of the Stalingrad grouping of the opponent allowed the red army to continue the offensive. Soon the girl was already on the Voronezh front. The situation here was dire. As Zina wrote in a letter to his mother (it is preserved in the archive of the Military medical Museum of the defense of Russia): “Of the fights almost never go out. How many good boys and girls put there head. But let sneaky enemy knows that for us the Motherland is the most expensive, the lightest…” Here in fights on the Kursk arch – Zinaida has also distinguished himself bravely, brought from the battle-field of 38 soldiers and commanders. Award for courage was the order of the red Star.

the Feat of the brave nurses

But his main achievement she made in August 1943 during the crossing of the Seversky Donets river. The away team Zina landed on the right Bank of the river here, the soldiers encountered fierce resistance PRtunica. It tells Nikolay Rumyantsev, in his book “People legendary heroism”, who occupied the commanding heights of the Nazis crossed the entire coastal area from artillery, mortars and machine guns.

Soviet troops suffered huge losses, but to hold the bridgehead had at any price. Under enemy fire, Zina performed their duties in assisting the wounded on the battlefield. She personally evacuated to the other side of the river 60. In addition, she was involved in fights several times with the arms leading the counterattack on the enemy. August 2, when airborne, the battalion was surrounded and seemed to be broken, it is Zina stopped the retreat of the soldiers and led them in the attack, which destroyed several hundred Germans and captured the enemy’s artillery.

But fate spares no one… In early August, the girl was mortally wounded by a stray shard when transported on a boat next batch of wounded. On 6 August she died. Posthumously in 1944 she was awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union.

Yaroslav Gorbunov

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