As a French wine ruined the Germans in the battle of Moscow

History 29/12/19 As French wine ruined the Germans in the battle of Moscow

the Defeat of the Wehrmacht in the battle of Moscow is explained by very different factors. German generals blamed Hitler’s strategic blunders, the Fuhrer himself – the harsh Russian winter and lack of courage of its soldiers, the rank and file of the Wehrmacht complained about poor supply of the quartermaster service. Right were all the errors of the Reich in planning the operation (not just the battle of Moscow, but of the entire attack on the USSR) – were too numerous. And, as usual, a critical mass of flaws led to the collapse. Contributed even French winemakers.

Chaos instead of discipline

considered to be Germans, meticulous and disciplined people. They say the Third Reich was all calculated and planned out to the smallest detail. But, unfortunately, although we — luckily — things were somewhat different. A detailed study of the organization of the supply of the German army on the Eastern front is Maksim Kustov in the book “the Third Reich in bribes”.

for example, field Marshal Walter von Brauchitsch, the commander of land forces of the Wehrmacht, in his diaries recalls that in the late summer of 1941 turned to Hitler with a request to prepare for the army winter gear. But until the onset of autumn frosts in the Fuehrer’s headquarters was dominated by the conviction that the war in Russia will be able to finish before the cold snap.

In the end, the order was given, but it was too late. In order to supply a vast army with warm clothing, required not days or weeks, but months. And the cold has already gripped the land. Although, by Russian standards, the winter of 1941-42. was not very severe, in the boilers of German steam locomotives, not designed for the harsh climatic conditions, freezing water. Started serious disruptions in the supply of warm clothes not only do not have time to produce, they couldn’t even deliver.

what about the French?

As says the head of the the staff of the 4th army Gunther Blumentritt, German soldiers were massively requisitioned the boots, hats and warm clothing to the civilian population. But it was only a drop in the ocean. However, even this was not the main problem – not enough ammunition. Instead of them on the Eastern front from France was carrying red wine.

Gunther Blumentritt in the book “battle of Moscow” wrote: “You, of course, imagine what a disgusting feeling had soldiers and officers, when instead of shells, without which the troops was literally gasping for breath, they brought wine.” But the harsh Russian frosts fine French beverages not withstanding. During transport, the wine was cold, the bottles burst, and the soldiers were only pieces of ruby ice.

Gottlieb Biedermann’s book, “In mortal combat” tells heard from senior officers a story about how someone from the chiefs of the quartermaster service had been bribed by the French winemakers who wanted to sell their products. So instead of brandy or vodka, which the soldiers could at least be a little warm on the front fell wine Popsicles, slowly but surely putting an end to German hopes to take the Soviet capital.

Yaroslav Gorbunov

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