As a commander Alexander Solzhenitsyn saved him from execution

History 13/01/20 As the commander of Alexander Solzhenitsyn saved him from execution

Alexander Solzhenitsyn was arrested shortly before the victory right at the front. It happened when the then Lieutenant Colonel, commander of the writer. Largely thanks to Lieutenant Solzhenitsyn and escaped execution. Despite the fact that the charges that were brought against the writer was quite serious, the captain refused to lie against his subordinate.

“I Wish you happiness, captain!”

Alexander Smekalin, the author of the book “the Interception of mail and military postal censorship in Russia and the Soviet Union”, Alexander Solzhenitsyn calls the victim of the censorship of correspondence at the front during the great Patriotic war. Indeed, Solzhenitsyn was taken into custody in early February 1945 for disapproving and ironic remarks about Stalin. His thoughts on the leader of the Solzhenitsyn shared with his friend Nicholas Witkiewicz. These letters, however, like everyone else, was checked by the military censor, subject to the special Department of the NKVD.

it is not Surprising that soon, Solzhenitsyn was arrested. It happened, according to Vyacheslav Zvyagintsev, the author of the book “Dissent in the red army” in the headquarters of the 68th Sevsk-Reiichi brigade in East Prussia. When arrested captain Solzhenitsyn was attended by his commander, then Colonel Zachary G. Lieutenant. According to Alexander Solzhenitsyn, who described those events in his book “the GULAG Archipelago”, the Lieutenant, well aware of what was happening, at parting stretched to its already former subordinate’s hand and said, “I Wish you happiness, captain!”.

Characteristics of true and false

However, the handshake with Colonel Alexander Solzhenitsyn, of course, would not have saved from execution. The male Lieutenant made a much more bold move: he refused to sign a false characterization of captain Solzhenitsyn, which prudently made withAMI members of the relevant bodies. According to Georges Niva, author of “Solzhenitsyn”, in 1946, that is, a year after the arrest, Alexander Isaevich has received from the General Lieutenant of the real characteristics. According to the document, the writer was disciplined and demanding, and repeatedly showed heroism on the battlefield.

Oleg Smyslov, the author of the book “Trench the truth of the war”, says this feature really truthful unlike Mark Deutsch, who wrote the book “Clio in scarlet: Solzhenitsyn and the Jews”. The latter in particular does not deny the fact that January night in 1945, Solzhenitsyn brought out the circle of fighters and saved equipment. This Lieutenant is also mentioned in the feature on writer. However, Deutsch believes that this was the only case when Solzhenitsyn showed dedication. Meanings, on the contrary declares that courage Solzhenitsyn showed more than once, as evidenced by the captain received the order.

fate of Solzhenitsyn and his Savior

anyway, feature Travkina probably played in the fate of Solzhenitsyn a significant role. As reported in the publication “History of Russian literature of XX – beginning of XI century” (compiler and scientific editor Professor V. I. Korovin), Alexander Solzhenitsyn was convicted under the 58th article of the Criminal code (“propaganda or agitation, containing an appeal to overthrow, undermine or weaken Soviet power”) and sentenced to 8 years in the camps. For this article, the writer could assign more severe punishment. Some items allow the death sentence against the convicted person. However, the military services listed Travkin in the feature on Solzhenitsyn, had to take into account.

that is why Solzhenitsyn was still alive and died in quite a respectable age. Remained unharmed and Zakhar G. Lieutenant. The victory of the Savior Solzhenitsyn had met in the General’s rank. And it’s no wonder so Lieutenant never hid behind others. In the middle of the war he was a heavyeating is wounded, but returned to action and won several awards, including order of the red banner, order of Kutuzov 2 nd degree, order of Suvorov 2 nd degree, order of Lenin. After the great Patriotic war Lieutenant continued to serve the country until 1962, until he retired.

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