The war in Ukraine appears to be rapidly depleting American stocks of some types of ammunition. The Wall Street Journal reports. Accordingly, the Pentagon is concerned that its own camps are only slowly filling up again. According to “WSJ”, the US Department of Defense even fears that the US military readiness could be endangered by the shortage.

The US has supplied Ukraine with 16 US Himar-type rocket launchers and thousands of rifles, drones, missiles and other equipment to help Ukraine fight the Russian invasion over the past six months.

Much of it, including ammunition, comes directly from US inventories, depleting stocks earmarked for unexpected threats, defense officials told US Media.

Among the most effective weapons that the US has supplied to Ukraine so far are howitzers firing 155mm high-explosive ammunition. In recent weeks, stocks of 155mm combat ammunition in US military stores have become “uncomfortably low,” the US media quoted a defense official as saying.