Arkady Chapayev: why his death caused a lot of misunderstandings

History 18/01/20 Arkady Chapayev: why his death caused a lot of misunderstandings

the Publication of “Spark” in 1949 wrote that the youngest son of the legendary Colonel “died a heroic death in battle with the German fascists.” But in fact, the life of Arkady Chapayev was cut short during a training flight. The plane, which was ruled by Chapaev, for still unknown reasons, suddenly went into a tailspin and crashed into the ground.

Friendship pilots

Arkady V. Chapaev was born in 1914, becoming the youngest red commander and his wife Pelageya Melinoe. The childhood and youth of Arcadia fell at a time when military training was very fashionable. Although certainly a definite imprint on the choice Chapaev, Jr., the future of the specialty and put the biography of his father, the hero of two wars. It is not surprising that after high school, Arkady entered the Borisoglebsk flight school. And in 1938, Chapaev, Jr. became the listener and the air force Academy named after Zhukovsky. This fact mentions in his book “On the protection of the skies of Moscow” Victor Urvachev.

due to his profession, Arkady became acquainted with many celebrities of those years. He moved closer and Valery Chkalov: together they felt the new fighters. Moreover, as argued by daughter Chkalov, Valery V., in his memoirs, “Valery Chkalov”, they even lived in the same house with Arkady Chapaev. As you know, Chkalov died in December 1938, during another test flight. One of the first who visited the apartment Chkalov after the tragedy, was Arkady Chapayev. Then he probably even could not think about what awaits him the same fate, and that his death, like the death of Chkalov, will cause numerous issues.

Death because of the scandal with his wife?

according to V. O. Daynes in “Chapayev”, a few months after the funeral of his friend Arkady Chapayev crashed. It happened on 7 July 1939. Itwhen the son of the legendary division commander, another freshman mentioned above the Zhukovsky Academy, arrived at the aerodrome in Borisoglebsk flight school for practice. Despite the fact that Chapaev was already atsetilena experienced pilot, during the execution of the test flight, the fighter I-16 something went wrong. The plane, a pilot of which was Arkady Vasilievich, for some strange reason suddenly went into a tailspin and crashed into the ground.

That Eugenia Chapaeva in the publication of “My unknown Chapaev” is difficult to answer the question of what actually happened in the sky. Meanwhile, Evgeniya Arturovna said that Arkady Chapayev was unhappy in his family life: his wife got very jealous and grumpy. That day the couple allegedly had an argument. Therefore, Arkady Vasilievich went to the airfield in a somewhat agitated state. Perhaps this nervousness and became one of the causes of the disaster. However actually all was not so simple.

Damn division

If you believe Sergey Stepanov-Proselytes and his book “Unrepentant Cain. Crime of the past centuries”, 25th division where served Vasily Chapaev, Stalin was kind of a bone in the throat. The fact that supporters of Colonel Ivan Plyasunov and Fedor Zubarev in 1920 he took a direct part in the anti-Bolshevik uprising led by Samara, one of the organizers of which was a friend of Alexander Chapaev boots. According to Stepanova-Prosalafa, the leader was confident that if Vassily Ivanovich had survived, he would have been near Sportowym, that is, became an opponent of the new government.

no Wonder the damn commanders of the division were varied one after the other. Most of them were shot. So, the fate of Michael Zyuk, accused of involvement in a Trotskyist organization, is mentioned in his book “Double conspiracy: secrets of Stalinist repression” Elena Prudnikova and Alexander Kolpakidi. Left this world also Trubnikov, and Kutyakov, and Butyrskaya. At about the same time died from a serious illness the writer of the movie “Chapaev” Anna Furmanov. Between the numerous deaths and there was a strange crash, which killed Arkady Chapayev.

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