(Buenos Aires) The minister in charge of security in the province of Buenos Aires was violently attacked on Monday by bus drivers who were angry at the death of one of their colleagues who was shot, a murder that threatens to degenerate into a massive strike buses in the city.

The attack on Sergio Berni, 61, who was accompanied by minimal security and was broadcast live by local televisions, occurred when he arrived at drivers who were demonstrating against insecurity in La Matanza, on the outskirts west of Buenos Aires.

Surrounded by journalists who were questioning him, he was the target of insults and stone throwing, including one in the face. He was also punched or kicked when he was briefly on the ground. We see him with a bloody face, visibly dazed. Then continuing to answer the mics, defiantly stating that he would “not run away.”

Mr. Berni was finally exfiltrated by police reinforcements and then briefly taken to hospital, while scuffles continued between police and demonstrators. Eight police officers and three drivers were slightly injured during the clashes, according to the emergency services.

Bus drivers were demonstrating after the death of one of their own, Daniel Barrientos, 65, who was shot at point-blank range by two thieves boarded to rob passengers around 4:30 a.m. Monday.

“We have already arrested the author (of the crime) […] Working is the only way to guarantee the safety of the drivers”, had time to declare Mr. Berni, a former military doctor member of the presidential Peronist party, before d to be assaulted.

Following the murder, public transport union UTA announced a strike across “the entire western area of ​​Greater Buenos Aires” (which includes 14 million residents), a measure “set to expand”, according to the union. The UTA was late Monday afternoon in a meeting with Mr. Berni and the governor of the province.