The Apple Apple today released iOS for 13.1 to be released, the latest version of the latest operating system. The update follows just four days of launching on iOS, 13. In the first version, which was plagued by a series of bugs, which Apple is forced to use the new update of six days earlier than planned to make them available. Also, iPadOS, Apple’s next-generation software for tablets is available today as a download.

The new iPhone, 11, iPhone 11, Pro iPhone 11, Pro Max, have been earlier this month, and will be presented to the general public, but even if you have a older unit you can take today to upgrade to iOS 13, as well as many of the latest features.

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Due to the iOS of 13, there’s a new dark mode, a swipe keyboard, and where you are now to the keyboard, the swipe to have to type in each letter individually to a click and make a new picture in the app, along with new tools for photo editing.