Apple said it’s an arrangement to reinstate Parler, the societal media popular with fans of former President Donald Trump it kicked off its program Shop in January over ties into the deadly siege on the U.S. Capitol

Apple said it has reached a deal with the social program Parler which could result in its reinstatement from the organization’s app shop.

In a letter to two Republican lawmakers in Congress, Apple stated it’s been in” substantial conversations” using Parler on the way the business plans to moderate articles on its system. Before its elimination from the program shop, Parler was a hotbed of hate language, Nazi vision, calls for violence (including violence against certain individuals ) and conspiracy theories.

Apple declined to comment beyond the letter, which did not provide details on how Parler intends to medium such content. From the letter, Apple stated Parlor’s suggested changes could result in acceptance of this program.

Parler said it’s implemented”several new safeguards” designed to discover articles that”wouldn’t fall within the protections of the First Amendment,” but added that it didn’t make broad coverage changes.

“While the App Store edition of Parler will prohibit several articles that Parler permits, these articles will nonetheless stay visible on the internet and Android variants of Parler,” the firm said in a statement.

However, this hasn’t stopped people from asserting that social media firms violate their free speech rights by moderating articles, or by”free speech” programs like Parler from popping up to fill a perceived void of”censorship-free” discussion websites.

As of midday Monday, Parler wasn’t yet available from the program shop and Apple didn’t offer a deadline for when it’ll be reinstated. Based on Apple’s correspondence, Parler suggested modifications to its program and the way it moderates content. Apple stated the upgraded program incorporating those changes ought to be accessible when Parler releases it.

Google also prohibited Parler from the Google Play shop in January, but Parler stays available for Android mobiles through third party program shops. Apple’s closed program system means programs can only be purchased via Apple’s own program shop. On Monday, Google declared its January announcement that”Parler is welcome back at the Play store when it circulates an program that contrasts with our policies”

Thus far, this hasn’t occurred.

Amazon stated in January the Parler was not able to moderate a increase in violent material prior to, during and following the insurrection. That campaign failed, and the organizations are still battling in court.

Republican political donor Rebekah Mercer has verified she assisted bankroll Parler and has since surfaced lately since the system’s shadow executive following its creator John Matze was ousted as CEO in February.