An appeal process has started against a clan member. The accused had been sentenced to three years and nine months in prison in the case of two brutal attacks against Chechen men. In August 2021, the district court in Berlin-Tiergarten found him guilty of two counts of dangerous bodily harm and breach of the peace.

On the other hand, the man from the Berlin milieu of Arabic-speaking clans appealed. At the beginning of the new trial on Monday before the district court, the accused did not comment on the allegations.

The accused, who says he is 43 years old, is said to have attacked several men in two cases with other accomplices. The public prosecutor assumes revenge actions. Shortly after an attack on a late-night shop run by the accused’s family in Berlin-Neukölln in November 2020, the 43-year-old and other men decided to attack people who belong to the Chechen ethnic group.

In the first case, the 43-year-old and at least nine other accomplices are said to have attacked three men they did not know on Hanne-Sobek-Platz in the Gesundbrunnen district. They approached a vehicle in a parking lot and asked the occupants if they were Chechens.

According to the indictment, the victims were allegedly abused with batons and knives. One evening later, the 43-year-old, together with relatives and acquaintances, is said to have attacked two Chechens whom they did not know.

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According to the verdict of the first instance, the accused was convicted by data from an electronic ankle bracelet, which he had had to wear since 2019 after serving a prison sentence of several years.

“He was there on both days.” Whether the 43-year-old hit himself remained open. But it was done with his knowledge and will. The court essentially followed the prosecutor’s request. The defense attorneys had demanded an acquittal.