Crime 16/01/20 a frame from the film”Antibiotic”: in real life, became the hero of “Gangster Petersburg”

most of the characters in zero the popular detective series “Gangster Petersburg” had real prototypes. So, crime boss Victor Govorov named “Antibiotic” in the performance of Lev Borisov was the actor charged with the leader of the Tambov grouping Vladimir Kumarin. Moreover, in a personal meeting Coumarin thanked Borisov for the most likely game on the screen.

Vladimir Kumarin was born and raised in the village of Aleksandrovka of the Tambov region. His father was a simple mechanic, and his mother was a milkmaid. However, Vladimir himself to stay in the province did not want to. After serving in the army, he went to Leningrad, where he enrolled in the Institute of the refrigeration industry.

apparently, then become a bandit Coumarin were not yet collected. However, in the study, he did not succeed and was soon expelled from the University. A while a former student of odd jobs, not always legal. Not casually in his apartment the police discovered forged documents and weapons. For them, the Coumarin got my first, albeit small, term.

While Vladimir served his sentence, the country is rapidly gaining momentum the criminal community was coming the dashing nineties. Therefore, once free, Coumarin first began to organize his gang. Most of its members were born in the native leader of the Tambov region. Started Tambov, like many organized crime groups in the time with the shell game and ensure the so-called roof for small businesses.

this is only the Coumarin and his accomplices in the criminal market were not the only competitors they had in the late 80s. Collision could not be avoided. In 1989, between the Tambov and Malyshev OPG was one of the first in the USSR shootouts. Vladimir Kumarin, nicknamed Qom arrested alternationz a few months. Surprisingly, many participants in the “battle” was awarded to a very small time. Some media attribute this circumstance to the fact that while there were hearings, someone smashed the skull of the public Prosecutor.

So in 1991, the Coumarin is already out. He again organized a gang and continued to engage in “favorite” thing. The authority of the Tambov grew by leaps and bounds. Soon, OPG controlled not only St. Petersburg, but also the surrounding Leningrad oblast, and even part of Karelia. And again on the way Kuma stood up competitors at this time, “Velikie Luki”. To eliminate Coumarin failed: as a result of the attack perpetrated on him, he only lost one arm, but remained in the ranks.

oddly enough, the story of the assassination only strengthened the position of the Tambov group, and a Coumarin decided to establish control over the fuel business in the Northern capital. He even was listed as the head of the famous company “PTK”. Here only cases with criminal authority, no one did not want to have. Even the godfather took the maiden name of his mother. But Coumarin, and now Barsukova, all the already knew in person.

In the beginning of the criminal career of Coumarin rolled downhill. In 2007, he was arrested on suspicion of forcible takeover of several retail outlets North of the capital, extortion, fraud and attempted murder of Sergei Vasiliev, co-owner of ZAO “Petersburg oil terminal”. It is noteworthy that on the last point, the jury Kumarin-Barsukov was acquitted.

However, the part godfather the other crimes were proved. In addition, in November 2014, the Supreme court overturned the acquittal of Vladimir Kumarin against Sergei Vasiliev. So at this point the godfather is serving his sentence, 23 years of imprisonment in a penal colony.

Yulia Popova

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