Anna Shalfeeva: that begged Leonid Brezhnev his mistress

History 06/01/20 Anna Shalfeeva: that begged Leonid Brezhnev his mistress

Leonid Ilyich Brezhnev was not indifferent to feminine charms almost until old age. What can we say about youth Secretary General! During the war, when Brezhnev met singer Anna Safeway, he was not yet forty. However, they continued to meet after the victory. But with a request to Leonid Brezhnev Therefore addressed only a few years later after a breakup.

Loving “Moldovan”

According to the memoirs of contemporaries, Leonid Brezhnev at the time was a very loving man. Moreover, women responded to Brezhnev back when he was the Secretary-General. Leonid Mlechin writes in his book “Brezhnev” with reference to the stories of women who were familiar with Brezhnev, he was distinguished charm, was fun, energetic, knew how to take care of the ladies, to give a compliment. In addition, many noted the visual appeal of Leonid Brezhnev. Even Stalin, seeing him, exclaimed: “What a handsome Moldavian!” However, Moldovans Brezhnev was not, but worked really to the Communist party of the Moldavian SSR.
But in Moldova Leonid Brezhnev headed after the victory. And in the years of the great Patriotic war, Brezhnev was in the front. Then he was already married to Victoria Petrovna Denisova, the family grew by two children: daughter Galina and son George. However, these circumstances did not prevent Brezhnev to have an affair on the side. If you believe Misurano Alexander, author of the book “Another Brezhnev”, the chosen one, the future leader of the country became a frontline doctor Tamara Saverchenko. Then Leonid Ilyich even wanted to divorce Victoria Petrovna, but she to give up her husband without a fight was not going to. Denisova said the wrong husband that will break his career. Brezhnev was forced to submit to his wife and to leave Tamara Nikolaevna.

the Singer from Sochi

However, the ultimatum delivered victoryher Petrovna, did not stop Leonid Brezhnev from further adventures. It should be noted that Denisov, who knew about her husband’s mistresses, apparently, was all arranged: she wanted at least to save the marriage. It is therefore not surprising that front-line period in the biography of Leonid Ilyich applies to his relationship with Anna Safeway, a soloist of the Sochi Philharmonic. At least so says the author of the book “Bells of alarm” Anatoly Tereshchenko. During the war Therefore in the composition of concert brigades traveled around the country. After one of these performances at the direction of the political Commissar Brezhnev soldiers locked Anna in the dining room. But the girl before the arrival of the Chevalier had escaped through the window.
This behavior of the artist only provoke Leonid Brezhnev. And indeed Therefore, having become acquainted with Brezhnev closer, changed the temper justice with mercy. They continued to meet after the war. The meeting took place during the holidays of the future Secretary General in Sochi, where he sometimes came without spouses and children. Gradually, the relationship outlived its usefulness, and lovers parted. If you believe the Victor for this house, the author of the edition “Love story of the rulers of the Russian Empire and the USSR” , later Anna Shalfeeva married the General, but the marriage quickly fell apart: even the children the couple to get not yet.

Gifts for lovers

did Not improve the Union with a military and the living conditions of Anne of Safeway. For many years she lived in a communal apartment. Therefore often complained to her friends noisy neighbors who abused alcohol. One day, according to Oleg Smyslov, author of “Worldly truth war”, one of the friends Shalfeeva saw in the photo album last picture, which was adorned with Leonid Brezhnev along with his Sochi love. A friend recommended Anna to appeal to Leonid Brezhnev asking about square meters. Therefore did just that. She did not recall Brezhnev about the affair, and just put the envelope in that photo. After a few days Anne Therefore got a one bedroom apartment in Sochi.

But Anna Shalfeeva was not the only passion of the Secretary General, have received such a gift. Unknown, did Brezhnev about something such as the above mentioned Tamara Saverchenko, but thanks to a former lover, she also became the owner of the apartment, only in the capital. This fact writes in his book “the niece of the Secretary General” Love Brezhnev. According to Lubov Zhuk, Victoria Petrovna found out about the apartment and gave her husband a scandal. Leonid Brezhnev, without thinking, dumped all the blame on his brother, saying that it is Jacob Tamara helped. That’s just Denisova nor wife, nor brother-in-law didn’t believe. However, soon “Victor” as he was called Victoria Petrovna Brezhnev, calmed down, and life flowed on as usual.

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