myth 1: the prosthesis can wait

This is a fallacy! It is very important to restore lost teeth. In the absence of one or more other teeth start to move. The dentition is deformed, gaps are formed, broken bite. Lost tooth may not only spoil your smile, but also to deliver over time a lot of inconvenience and problems. Less teeth — worse than chewed food, but more likely suffers from TMJ.

Myth 2: you’ll have to go without teeth before implants

We care about the comfort of the patient, and before you install you will be offered several variants of prosthetics. You will not have to go without teeth, come to the aid of temporary crowns.

Myth 3: prosthetic implants f

It is a misconception to consider, from the point of view of two aspects. First, the specialist will always offer several options of prosthesis taking into account the capacity of the patient. Second: reliable implant is one that is made of quality materials, the dimensions of which are calculated to hundredths and thousandths of a millimeter, taking into account all the nuances and peculiarities of structure of dental system of the patient. Such an implant will last a lifetime and can’t be cheap.

Dentistry “Strident” offers implants from 11 900 rubles. Consultation with a dentist and treatment plan for free.