Anatoly Stoessel: as Nicholas II had punished the General who surrendered Port Arthur

Another 19/01/20 Anatoly Stoessel: as Nicholas II had punished the General who surrendered Port Arthur

In January, 1905, Japanese soldiers entered the Port Arthur- a key point of expansion of the Russian Empire in the far East. Maybe the entire outcome of the Russo-Japanese war would have been different if not for the actions of the chief of the Kwantung fortified area Anatoly Stessel, passed Port Arthur without a fight, with full capabilities to continue the defense.

the Way General

the ancestors of the Baron Stesses were Baltic Germans. A native of St. Petersburg has had a brilliant career, was the Russian-Turkish war of 1877-1878. The warlord knew well the realities of the far East through participation in the suppression of the Boxer rebellion in China, during which he was wounded. The beginning of the Russo-Japanese war Stoessel met with the rank of adjutant-General.

Letting Far and Port Arthur,

the commandant of the fortress of Port Arthur Baron was in August, 1903, and after six months under his command was the whole of the Kwantung fortified area, which included the southern extremity of the Peninsula, leased by Russia from China.
the First mistake of Sesselja was the loss of far port, located 30 kilometers from Port Arthur. The Japanese got all the military and port equipment, dozens of vehicles and other resources left in the city. Despite this setback, adjutant General retained his post.

Port Arthur the Russians heroically defended during the year, and the military Council of the fortress was prepared to resist and on, until the street fighting. But on January 2, 1905, Stoessel announced that it is entering into negotiations with the Japanese on terms of surrender of the fortress. As a result of 23 thousands soldiers and officers were captured.

the Accusation of betrayal

the Fall of Port Arthur immediately caused a wave of publications about the need for judgment of all who were involved in this event.
“modern times” draws attention to the note of the chief of staff to the telegram the adjutant General of stessYale about the possibility of his trial on the basis of article 64 of the serf position. This court, at a fair opinion of the newspaper, can only be desirable. Along with General Stessels, along with the rest of the defenders of Port Arthur all Russia desperately wants this court,” wrote, for example, the newspaper “the southern Telegraph”.

However, initially, many were convinced that Stoessel surrendered the city in connection with the full uselessness of further defence, to avoid unnecessary bloodshed. On the way to Saint Petersburg to adjutant General even held public applause.

About the betrayal of the commander talking later, when it became clear that Stoessel, received in due time a telegram from his superiors to recall him from Port-Arthur, has not fulfilled this order and remained in charge of the defense of the city, effectively removing the commandant of the fortress. The behavior of the Baron after the fall of Port Arthur was also very ambiguous — he left together with the prisoners, and left Manchuria, taking with them several wagons, personal property.

the court and the pardon

the trial of Anatoly Stessel, which began only in 1908, it was found that the adjutant General had a full opportunity to defend, but he was sent to Saint Petersburg incorrect data, in particular, the number of remaining troops. For example, Stoessel wrote that he has not 23 thousand soldiers, and “9 thousand, and that polubolnogo”, in his words. In the city the warlord contributed to the rapid diminishing food supplies, banning the defenders of the fortress to catch fish. However, the food at port of Arturas would be enough at least until February, 1905.

“the Actions of the adjutant General of Stesses in recent days, the defense induced the Commission to believe that he’s matured and gradually carried out the intention to abandon and surrender the fortress regardless of the exhaustion all the means of defence,” – said in the report, “the Case of the surrender of the fortress of Port Arthur by the Japanese troops.”
7 Feb 1908 was pronounced the sentence Stessel – deathNaya penalty and cancellation of all ranks and awards. However, the following year, after spending a year in detention, the head of the defense of Port Arthur was pardoned by Emperor Nicholas II and released. Later Baron Stoessel issued a “Rebuke”, in which he apologized for his actions.

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