Anastasia Filatova: like the girl from Ryazan became the

Biography 06/01/20 Anastasia Filatova: like the girl from Ryazan became the “first lady” of Mongolia

Anastasia Filatov met with the Secretary General of the Mongolian Republic is completely random. At least so it seemed. In fact, Filatova candidate for the role of wife Tsedenbal approved “from above”. None of the leaders of the country and could not think that in a few years Anastasia will take all the power in Mongolia in their hands.

Marriage is “on request”

Anastasia Filatova was a native of Ryazan region. In the late forties Filatova lived in Moscow and worked as a Secretary of the Komsomol organization under the Ministry of Commerce. In her spare time she visited the capital of his relatives, who occupied one of the rooms in an ordinary communal apartment. A neighbor was Nicholas Matter, envoy extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary of the USSR in Mongolia.

the Son Voinova later recalled that once the Secretary General of the Mongolian people’s Revolutionary Party, Imagin Tsedenbal, who had been visiting his father, told him about his sympathy for Anastasia. Nikolay Petrovich told about it to representatives of the country’s leadership, and those approved Filatova and told Vinovo to do everything possible to ensure that Anastasia and Imagin entered into a formal marriage. Nikolai is Important performed the task Tsedenbal returned to the capital of the Mongolian people’s Republic, Ulan Bator, together with his Russian wife.

“Spy” and “pest”

the population of Mongolia met the “first lady” not very affectionately. Then Anastasia probably did not suspect that this attitude will continue for years to come. According to the journalist Leonid Shinkarev, author of “Tsedenbal and Filatova. Love. Power. Tragedy”, already being pregnant, Filatov continued to suffer from attacks even by prominent Mongolian politicians. Once, during a feast in their house, the guests began to accuse the wife of Tsedenbal that its specially sent to the Republic of the Soviet Union in order to monitor local government officials.

in addition, once one of the companions Tsedenbal said Filatova directly in the face that she enjoys the softness of her spouse. Both the first and the last was the absolute truth. Their marriage is actually planned and organized by the Nicholas Matter. And the Secretary General of Mongolia was really quite a softie. He truly loved Anastasia and literally wore it on his hands. Moreover, Filatov bore him two sons, Vladislav and Soriga. However, the main factor that Anastasia Ivanovna soon had to be running the country itself was not feeling, and most other weakness Tsedenbal.

the merits of “first lady”

However, it is worth noting that Anastasia Filatova has always taken a very active part in the life of the Mongolian Republic. In those years, Mongolia went to socialism. To achieve the cherished goal of the country helped the Soviet Union, in particular Leonid Brezhnev, who sympathized with Tsedenbal. From Brezhnev Anastasia regularly “begging” money. By these means, and perseverance Filatova in Mongolia appeared Palaces of pioneers and young technicians, naturalists station, summer camps, swimming pools and even a Children’s Fund. The wife of Tsedenbal was so assertive that once someone from the environment Brezhnev said to her: “You’re too expensive for the Soviet people!”.

the very same Mongolian Secretary General did not have such a persistent character, which distinguished his wife. This circumstance played a fatal role in the life of Tsedenbal. Many party leaders of the Soviet Union were not averse to miss after a hard day a drink or two. Tsedenbal tried to match it and soon he could not live without alcohol a day. Therefore, the reins were taken up by Anastasia Filatova — the good, she was aware of almost all the Affairs of her husband.

After retirement

However long Filatova hold failed. Status Tsedenbal was known to many Mongolian politicians: Anastasia them myself this was announced at a meeting convened on its initiative. Finally, the “first lady” was accused by some close to Tsedenbal officials that they deliberately solder Omagine in order to take his place. But to do anything has been impossible. In 1984, citing health reasons, Tsedenbal dismissed from his post and sent his wife and children to Moscow, where after 7 years he died.

Anastasia Filatova lived a longer life than her husband. That’s just the rest of her days were bleak — her older son died, the very same Anastasia lived in poverty and often had to sell their belongings in order to somehow make ends meet. And in 2001, Filatova did not. Russian wife the Mongolian Secretary General was buried at the cemetery Vagankovsky. Anastasia Filatova herself so willed. Even as the “first lady” of Mongolia, she was always homesick.

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