An investigation of the earnings of the pandemic and even one death of a patient with COVID-19: the chronicle of a day

on Thursday, June 18, oberstab Novosibirsk region reported 107 new cases of coronavirus. Another person died. For all the time of the pandemic in the region identified 4711 patients with COVID-19, 2502 of which are recovered and 63 died.

Tell you what else happened in the country and in the city per day:

together with the doctors we have been reviewing the training manual, Ministry of health, to understand how Russia considers death from COVID-19;in the Novosibirsk region, one more person died because of coronavirus;
a volunteer investigator Julia Drokova found out who those people and companies that get through a pandemic coronavirus multimillion-dollar contracts.
since the beginning of the pandemic in Russia died 489 physicians, infected with a coronavirus infection;the Russian vaccine against coronavirus introduced the first 18 volunteers;the Ministry of health NSO checked for antibodies to more than five thousand of its employees. We found out how many tests gave a positive result;the Ministry of health said that in Novosibirsk, the coronavirus has infected nearly 80 members of the infectious hospitals.

the NHS continues to chronicle events online.