The committees of the U.s. House of Representatives, which is investigating an impeachment procedure against the president when He, like former national security adviser John Bolton is heard. That report different American media today. Bolton would be on november 7 to do so, but it is not clear whether he wants to be.

Bolton, which is known as a hawk, it was last month, He got fired. The two could not come to an agreement to have been. Bolton is considered a very aggressive beleidsman, which is like surgery, and it is a radical position in the issues of Afghanistan, Iran, and North Korea, and Venezuela. Now that Bolton is out of his position, it is relieved of hope for the Democratic party in his experience.

please also Read the Important passages have been omitted from the transcript, phone call Home, and the Ukrainian president, said a witness

all The Democrats who have announced previously, an investigation into the removal of the Home because he had a telephone conversation with Ukrainian president Volodimir Zelenski, there could have been. He asked, Zelenski, research into the political arch-rival, Joe Biden and his son Hunter.

for example, If Bolton is next week, actually he is, he’s not the first time. Yesterday, the high-ranking American military man, Alexander Vindman is already making a statement against the president. He was a witness to the telephone conversation that He had with Zelenski. Vindman, reported earlier, have been of concern to the National Security council. After that, it served as a whistleblower making a complaint, and the Democrats are the grounds and saw a study of sediment in motion.

The House of Representatives vote tomorrow is formal if there is a afzettingsonderzoek at Home to come to. That vote was a requirement of the Republican party. The White House is doing the investigation as a “witch hunt.”