Three days after the arrest of car’s Manager Carlos Ghosn in Japan, has decided the Board of Directors of Nissan its deposition. The car maker said. Previously, the Board of Directors, following a recommendation from the Nissan chief Executive officer Hiroto Saikawa was busy with the “detailed” report of an internal investigation about the affair.

Ghosn was arrested on Monday in Tokyo, according to a survey conducted by the public Prosecutor’s office. He is accused of, to have, for years, much to low income declared. In addition, he is to Nissan-commercial misappropriated capital and, therefore, luxury apartments in four countries have bought. A procedure should be opened, threatening him with a five-digit fine, and theoretically up to ten years in prison.

Ghosn is chief Executive of French car manufacturer Renault and the Alliance Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi and the Board of Directors of Mitsubishi. Also, Mitsubishi is planning to Ghosn to sell. At Renault, the 64-Year-old will retain his Post as Chairman of the Board, but appointed his right-Hand man Thierry BollorĂ© on the transition Chairman, because Ghosn is currently “prevented”.