Dmitry Gorchakov posted on his Facebook page in an emotional message of a friend in resuscitation, 21 may working in the “red” zone one of hospitals of Ekaterinburg. The doctor’s friends asked what can help him. He wrote that the best help — the compliance with isolation, and explained why. This text is a doctor allowed to put in public access, preserving anonymity. We all know Dmitry and trust him, so with his permission we publish the letter of resuscitator:

the Best help is not on the beaches and lakes to hang out, and isolation to comply. That’s because these people and the epidemic does not end in any way. Yesterday I had to go outside after work grub to buy. The streets run hither crowds of people, all wearing masks, very close to each other. And what about shops to speak? That’s where the “red” zone! I maximum respirator protection class FFP3, right on top of another surgical mask. And the people at best in a simple masochkakh, it is clear that already, three weeks used, all ragged outer, and then lowered below the nose or on the chin removed. But most of all without masks.