Alexei Nemov was nearly killed by the injustice of the judges at the Olympics in Athens

In the “Destiny of man” – the legendary gymnast whose name is entered in the international Guinness Book of records.

Alexei Nemov – the quadruple Olympic champion and winner of the so-called sports “Oscar” which is awarded to the best athletes on the planet, talks about the challenge, who passed through on the way to victory.

it’s hard To believe, but as a child Nemov advised to forget about the sport, the diagnosis: “spinal Curvature and legs of different lengths”.

the Doctors recommended surgery that would remove the pain. But it Nemov refused – this meant I could forget about the gym.

Later, he won one victory after another, but the last performance at the Athens Olympics in 2004, nearly broke a strong body and spirit of the athlete.

Then the judges gave him unfair underestimation, and 15 thousand fans from different countries present in the hall exploded with anger. The stadium continued unabated for several minutes — not allowed to act as the next gymnast, so Alex had to personally reach out to fans and ask them to calm down.

Under pressure from the fans point Nemov then the judge still increased, but in fact is nothing changed.

Alex was going through a very difficult period in my life – he even nearly destroyed his strong family.

Wife Galina, with which they are familiar since 1994, recalls that after Athens Alexei was very upset due to the fact that did not justify the trust.

Then, she said, Nemov “lost” became a long stay with strangers, with whom he, apparently, was easier to endure the pressure of the situation.

As the family coped with it and was able to maintain the love and trust? Where he met Alex and Galina, and why not immediately able to tie the knot?

Why mom Nemov could not immediately give up the son in gymnastics? Who is a famous athlete finds his “father”, and what happened to it.astashin dad?

“Destiny of the person with the YouTube Korchevnikov” Alexei Nemov and his wife Galina.