Alexander Soluyanov: who in life was the hero of the song

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In fact, Alexander Soluyanov was not in a literal sense the prototype of the hero of the song of group “lube” “combat”. When authors and singer of the hit decided to make a video, they decided that the protagonist in the frame should be the one to whom these soldiers really were treated as “butane”. So Igor Matvienko and Nikolai Rastorguev and learned about the existence of Alexander Soluyanova.

childhood dream and the first death

Alexander Soluyanov since childhood dreamed of career of the military. The appearance of these desires in Soluyanova contributed a lot to his grandfather, who was the Great Patriotic war. The grandfather brought the grandson from his native village Ponomarevka in Kazan Suvorov military school. The boy’s parents were against the fact that the son lived away from them. But Alexander never wanted to go home. And Soluyanov was not mistaken in choosing a school. He graduated from the Suvorov with a gold medal, with distinction and graduated from the Ryazan airborne desatnye school.

in his student years Soluyanov lost a comrade. The pick-up truck which the students went “potatoes”, involved in crash. Classmate Alexander died in his eyes. Maybe that’s when Soluyanov truly realize the value and fragility of human life. However, the military profession, the young man refused. On the contrary, he received in the accident the damage to the cervical vertebrae, sent for another medical exam of his healthy friend. Doctors, of course, surprised treated images, but Soluyanov succeeded: the home has not sent it.

the Real “POPs”

Alexander Soluyanov went to the trick is not to “grow” up through the ranks in the rear: he was eager to fight. Moreover, in those years rattled the Afghan war. Soluyanova had to write a few reports for it to finally sent to hotspotsku. There, in Afghanistan, Alexander p. was for the Marines a second father or “POPs” as in the song. When Soluyanova wounded, soldiers closed the weakened commander with their bodies.

In fact, a similar attitude to Soluyanova on the part of his subordinates is not at all an attempt to curry favor. And what kind of adulation may be a question if the bullets are flying. Just Alexander Soluyanov would (and did) for the guys the same thing. Two years Soluyanov commanded in Afghanistan, battalion, and during that time lost in battle less than ten people. In the early days when Alexander saw the dead soldiers of captain Wojciechowski, on the site of which it was appointed, he vowed to protect every soldier, as the Apple of his eye.

the Collective image

Even the idea for the title of Hero of the Soviet Union Alexander Soluyanova there is such line: “for best results with the least losses”. And he is proud of these words more than by the “title”. Although the title of Hero Soluyanova given not at once: the commander was of their principles, which did not want to accept the authorities. And the General he has become, after Afghanistan. 3 years after that, Alexander Soluyanov left in stock. However, former Marines still call Soluyanova respectful, “commander”.

thanks to the opinions and responses of veterans of Afghanistan Director Nikita Mikhalkov, singer Nikolay Rastorguev and composer Igor Matvienko, and has stopped the choice on Alexander Soluyanov. I only wish that the clip was not released: all free time Mikhalkov then took a picture of “the Barber of Siberia”. But the General kind of glad all that happened. “It is the way of Batani-combat collectively,” said Alexander. He is sure that worthy candidates in the army abound.

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