Alexander Kokorin of your future: make a decision after studying the contract

Former footballer of the national team of Russia Alexander Kokorin, who was convicted for “hooliganism” and after the colony returned to the St. Petersburg “Zenith” until you can determine his future. The player wanted to rent in Sochi, but he is against it and will now train with “Zenit-2”.

“Tomorrow will appear in the “Zenith-2”., — quoted Kokorin Agency TASS. – Then, after collection, will decide [what to do]. When you can go back and see the contract [the agreement with “Zenith”] – is not yet clear”. The player did not comment on speculation that he intends to terminate the contract.

Earlier, several sources supposedly familiar with the situation said that representatives Kokorin are negotiating the termination of the agreement with “Zenith”. The player himself has previously stated that have not decided on the future and while going to the collection of “Zenit-2”, which takes place from 23 January to 7 February in Turkey.

As previously reported Вести.Ru last week the club “Sochi” announced about the lease Kokorin before the end of the season, the General Director of “Zenit” Alexander Medvedev confirmed the news, but the stepfather of the player Kirill Loginov, acting as agent, stated that the striker is not going to leave the club. Then footballer’s wife Darya Valitova confirmed that her husband did not intend to act in “Sochi” and the rest of the season will play for “Zenith-2”.