At Alba Berlin, they would prefer to focus only on sports at the moment, after all, the Bundesliga basketball club is currently playing against Bayern Munich in the final for the German championship. But behind the scenes there is rumbling in the professional department – and it is about a topic that is much more important than the possible third title in a row: the question of the hall.

The Berliners have been playing in the large arena at Ostbahnhof since it opened in 2008 – but for how long? The owner, the Anschutz Entertainment Group based in the USA, is said to have no particular interest in a long-term extension of the lease. At least for the 2022/23 season there was now the all-clear. “First of all, Alba is secured,” said Sports Senator Iris Spranger (SPD) on Friday at a meeting of the Sports Committee. The RBB reported first.

You had to solve the problem immediately and sat down with those responsible for the club, said Spranger. Alba had also repeatedly approached Anschutz, but had not reached an agreement. The new contract is now valid for another year. In the event of collisions with Berlin’s ice hockey Bundesliga club, the Eisbären, which belong to the Anschutz Group and therefore have priority when it comes to hall occupancy, or concerts scheduled well in advance, Alba would have to switch to the smaller Max Schmeling Hall as before.

How things will continue with Alba from 2023 is still completely unclear. Spranger is still in contact with Anschutz. “We’re looking at both new construction and other sites where we might be remodeling,” Spranger said. Upon request, Alba did not want to comment on the topic with reference to the current final series.