(Washington) Shooting at a teenager’s birthday party injured at least 20 Saturday night in a small town in Alabama, in the southern United States, according to local media citing the forces of the ‘order.

The shootings occurred around 10:30 p.m. (11:30 p.m. EST) at a building in downtown Dadeville. A teenager – whose gender was not specified – was celebrating his 16th birthday, according to local broadcaster WRBL.

Authorities have not said whether a suspect is in custody.

The motive also remains to be clarified, but the investigators believe that an altercation led to this tragedy, according to WRBL.

The United States pays a very heavy price for the spread of firearms in its territory and the ease with which Americans have access to them.

The country has more personal weapons than people: one in three adults owns at least one weapon and almost one in two adults lives in a household with a weapon.

The consequence of this proliferation is the very high rate of death by firearm in the United States, without comparison with that of other developed countries.