History 04/01/20 Agent “Werther” who surrounded Hitler worked for the USSR

Domestic and foreign historians still argue who was hiding under the alias of “Werther” (this is the actual agent of Soviet intelligence became one of the prototypes of Shtirlits). There is even a version that we are talking about the collective image – supposedly actually the information from the headquarters of the Wehrmacht came from multiple sources.

It was a woman?

the Researchers “theme of Werther” are unanimous on one thing: the key transfer link in smuggling top secret information on the route of the “headquarters of the Wehrmacht – the Kremlin” was a Swiss man, Rudolf Roessler (agent “Lucy”). According to the Russian journalist and writer Sergey bajmukhametov, “Lucy” could be obtained, while in Switzerland, the most important information and documents, has just developed the high military command of the Nazis in Berlin and haven’t even had time to reach Hitler.

In the late 70-ies of XX century in Switzerland published a book by Bernard Rulanda, a former communications officer at the Supreme command of the Wehrmacht, “Augen von Moskau” (“the Eye of Moscow”), in which he wrote that a few days before the German attack on the Soviet Union caught two subordinate telecommunications workers copying critical top secret documents, copies intended for transmission to the Soviet Union. The Roeland remembered how shocked his dedication of the girls who knew that if caught they face imminent death, preceded by cruel tortures.

the Officer was not given to subordinates. After the war he found both, and the girls took Rulanda word that he will publish the real names of those who saved, only after their death. In addition, antifashistsky called his former chief of liaison officer in the overall management of the Wehrmacht, which the diarist displays under the name of “captain von Camper”.

the bajmukhametov, like many other writers and historians, says, that “Werther” is certainly a figure of military leadership Td Reich, and a very authoritative: otherwise it is impossible to explain the speed and mass of information coming to the Kremlin almost directly from the table of the drafters of these documents in the German high command in Berlin. Rudolf Roessler “Werther” was never solved, and perhaps he did not know who it is.

Of the books of the former interpreter of Hitler, Paul Karl Schmidt, “the Eastern front”, it is clear that the Nazi command knew a leak of critical information about the strategic operations of the Wehrmacht, but during the war there was not able to install the mole. According to the author of “Eastern front”, and after more than 20 years after the end of World war II (60 years when he wrote his book) no one was on the trail of the mysterious “Werther.” A former translator for the leader of the Nazis claims that secret documents were lost even from the Rate of the Fuhrer, so “Werther” was clearly meant to occupy the highest post in the Third Reich and use the absolute confidence of Hitler.

… In the past, major General in the Abwehr, and later the head of German intelligence Reinhard Gehlen, a distributed version of that “Werther” is none other than “Nazi No. 2” Martin Bormann. Believed that the Marshal of the Soviet Union Andrey Yeremenko. However, no documentary evidence of this hypothesis is not found. Head of the foreign intelligence security service Walter Schellenberg in his memoirs “the Labyrinth” was referring to the chief of the secret state police of Germany Heinrich müller – the alleged “Werther” he was. But this assumption is yet and remains as such.

… or English SIS?

the Assumption that Rudolph Ressler was leaking information to the secret intelligence service of the British foreign office (SIS or MI6), which was the “Werther”, was proposed by famous Soviet intelligence officer and historian of the secret services, Pavel Sudoplatov. According to Sudoplatov, the British, who had an analogue of the German cipher machine “Enigma” (“secret” – eng.), decrypted Nazi radio messages and passed secret withthe reference to the Swiss, and throughout the war.

Writer Andrei Melekhov, challenging this hypothesis, refers to the same author, “the Eastern front”, who claimed in his book that the relationship with the “Werther” was two – his agent, the Kremlin has systematically been requested to obtain certain information. Melekhov believes that Sudoplatov was deliberately taken away from the public the identity of the true “Werther”, which Moscow actually knew and implicitly trusted him.

which operations are Stalin knew Hitler sooner

As there is no consensus about who actually was the agent “Werther”, so there is no certainty with the starting point of his cooperation with the intelligence services of the USSR. Russian writer Igor Bunich believed that “Werther” worked for the Ressler before the start of the great Patriotic war, and it is through him the Kremlin became Hitler’s plan of attack on the Soviet Union (“Barbarossa”).

several writers and historians are unanimous about the main contribution of “Werther” in the defeat of Nazi Germany – we are talking about the transfer of information about the operation “Citadel”, which the Wehrmacht had intended to implement in 1943 in the Kursk-Orel area (the famous battle of Kursk). Information about it was received by Stalin for 3 months before the start of the battle. A former translator of the Fuhrer Paul Karl Schmidt, in his book wrote that the detail of these reports has been phenomenal: the exact composition of the groups of the Wehrmacht, preparing to attack, the error-free transfer of armored divisions and of the main axis and many other strategic important nuances.

As you know, the battle of Kursk is largely, if not in principle, determined the outcome of the great Patriotic war, many historians are inclined to believe that the defeat inflicted by the Soviet troops, the Germans, the Germans were never able to recover.

Paul Carl Schmidt claimed that the enemy “much in advance” was well-known all more or less important strategic plans of the Wehrmacht on the Eastern front. Also “Werther” reported The Kremlin details about the production of arms and ammunition in Nazi Germany, about the possibilities and prospects of application of the Nazi chemical (toxic) substances in military terms, detail about the implementation of the program for the production of atomic weapons.

Other Swiss Soviet intelligence agent, Sandor Rado (“Dora”, “albert”) in the book “Under the pseudonym “Dora”” leads the encryption from “Werther”, the content of which is clear how much important information they contain – it is, in particular, was the location of the corps of the Wehrmacht in the area of Orel, Kursk in 1943, about the peculiarities of behavior of the German command in the redeployment of troops, plans, calculations… the Posts are very detailed, they even mentioned the mood of Hitler about the situation on the Eastern front.

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