Biography 03/01/20 frame of filmagens hamlet: why KGB recruited actor Michael Kozakov

Moscow Bohemia throughout the 74 years of Soviet power was a valuable supplier of personnel for the Cheka and the KGB. Celebrity, in contrast to ordinary Soviet citizens, to freely communicate with foreigners — and so was able to provide security officers to the various “services”. One of the few famous people who in detail told about this ugly side of his life, was a people’s artist of Russia Mikhail Kozakov.


Mikhail Kozakov KGB paid attention in 1956. By the time the graduate of school-Studio of MKHAT only started to work at the Mayakovsky Theater, but the audience was well aware of his major role in the movie “Murder on Dante street”.

Note that the family Kozakov was not “foreign” to the KGB. Even his father, the writer Mikhail Kozakov — was listed as the author of “politically correct” pieces “security officers”, and also wrote one of the articles of the infamous book about the white sea-Baltic canal. However, subsequently the Cossacks Sr. himself was twice subjected to repression.

the First contact a young actor with the “authorities” was held in the police Department where he was summoned. First, Kozakov was asked about his family and work, and only the third meeting he began to understand the true intentions of the interlocutors. To recruit the actor to the shop appealed to his patriotism, saying that the country threaten the enemies of “capitalist encirclement”. Simply put, Kosakowo was made an offer he couldn’t refuse. “Pressed and I gave in,” said the actor.

the First task

To start Kosakowo offered to seduce American journalist Colette Schwarzenbach. The girl cooperated with The Washington Post and taught Russian language at the American Embassy — and thus had access to valuable information.

the Contents of the first job makes to assume that the Cossacks were interested in KGB mainly because of the spectacular appearance, charisma and ability to charm women. The writer Fedor Razzakov believes that the first success of a young man in the movie could be “organized” by the special services. The star screen is much easier to establish rapport with people. Note that the use of “sex traps” to discredit the foreigners was a tactic of the KGB. However, most often the victims of seduction were men. For example, thanks to actress Larisa Kronberg, who agreed to go to bed French Ambassador Maurice Diana, the diplomat became the most valuable Soviet agent of influence in Paris.

Mikhail Kozakov settled in Sochi next door to the hotel where Colette lived.. they Have really struck up a romantic acquaintance (money for trips to restaurants the actor counted out enough), but in the end the KGB agent failed. He was so impressed by the bright appearance and manners of American women that he could not remain indifferent to it.

“in Short, I fell in love, and it saved me: she admitted. Opened her who I am to do in Sochi, and decided that this was all because did not fulfill what was expected of me,” said the Cossacks.

the Anguish of an agent of hamlet

Despite the unsuccessful debut, over the next 32 years Mikhail Kozakov remained the agent of the “American” Department of foreign counterintelligence. Specific tasks for a long time he did not. However, the curators of the KGB occasionally met with “hamlet” — the operational nickname was consistent with one of the roles of the artist. And once he was given another opportunity to serve the Homeland — the Cossacks were invited to the home party Secretary of the American Ambassador. There diplomat drugged and robbed, after which he compromised, left the Soviet Union.

Probably the patronage of the KGB allowed Kosakowo to occupy an independent niche in Soviet art, pose and play what he saw fit, for example, a Comedy about a communal flat “the Pokrovskie gate”. But the actor could not refuse, for example, t the role of Felix Dzerzhinsky, which in 1980-81, played in three films. This page of biography remained to Kozakov painful memory, so at the end of his life, he decided to publicly confess.

Timur Sagdiyev

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